$ 47
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  • Music Brand Identifier: Land On Your Brand With My 30 Minute Plan
  • The Image And Style Bible: Looketh And It Shall Be Found
  • The Lyricist Ignition Pack: Every Necessity To Master Lyricism
  • Your Empire Is Your Name: Find The Best Name That Works For Your Brand's Empire
  • 50 Effortless Marketing Tactics For Your First 100,000 Streams
  • The 7 Foundations of Music Marketing (Mini Master Series)
  • Career Kickstarter: The 25 Grand In Your Hand Game Plan
  • Time is Money: How To Spend It On Your Music Career
  • Access To The Music Industry Shortcut Artist Community
  • Phone And Email Support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


$ 96
  • Valued At $65,000
  • Includes Everything Offered In Golden Plus,
  • Get Assigned A Music Coach To Assist In Progressing Your Musical Talents
  • Includes At Least 4 Bonus Courses Per Month