How To Create Epic Songs People Will Never Forget (Membership Course)

Certain songs stay with us forever, others we forget before the end of the playlist.

Why is this?

It comes down to many factors, mainly concerning Music Theory, the study of music composition and the way people make music. There are literally certain notes or patterns that make us feel a special way psychologically.

Understanding this stuff is powerful and gives you the ability to do the same with your songs – deeply effect people with your music in a way they will never forget.

Look into it for yourself by studying the greatest hits of all time – and look into Music Theory! You’d be surprised how interesting it is in terms of tying feelings or emotions to certain arrangements of notes or musical keys.

The Rapper Shortcut is giving you an invaluable education into the psychological aspects of song creation that will leave audiences obsessed with your song and begging for more.

Music Theory is just a part of this – but it’s much more than that. You’ll be cracking the code that hit-makers through the ages have discovered and profited from.

Get ready to write the next unforgettable rap hit.

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