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🛑 Did you realize?! That's a picture of me holding a stop sign 👆😂

You just clicked the “I'm Not A Serious Artist” link

I can't believe that's true if you already invested in yourself!

So let us both make sure you’re not completely missing out

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1. YouTube Dark Web Secrets

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You said no to having it all figured out for you…

Which means 👉 You’re going to have to do all of the work by yourself now…

And figure out those tricks, strategies, and secrets for your YouTube views

And Spotify streams…

And Spotify monthly listeners

All on your own.

Doesn’t that sound like a ton of work, a ton of guessing for you?

And a risk that you might just give up.

And maybe you didn't want to say "no"

But you had to, for whatever reason. 


Sometimes things get in the way.

And perhaps the $27 got in the way this time.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
But I’m here to make sure that a few dollars don’t get in between you and your success.

Here’s what I’m going to do for you

I’m going to take the issue of price out.
And maybe the Lifetime Access felt like too much.
So, instead of the original $27 for Lifetime Access…
I’m taking away the Lifetime opportunity.

I’m slashing the price for you.

And shortening the time to 3 years of access.

That means today…

You can get a full 3-Year Access for only $27 $17

🥇 Plus I’m going to double your ‘Risk-Free Guarantee’ from 30 Days, to 60 Days.

🔪 Slashed half the price

✌ Twice the money back insurance.

The rest of the deal applies.

You get ALL existing Master Classes.

These are videos, audio, downloads, templates, checklists, shortcuts and more…
I’m still INVESTING in YOUR success…
By offering you a one-time upgrade for 3-Year Access
Why? Because the more artists I help make it, the more impact I have on the world

The more I can grow this company and help even more artists.
If you win, I win…and we all win.
Confirm your 3-Year Access
Sounds good?
Claim your stuff by clicking the big button below to confirm this upgrade.
And you’ll get instant 3-year access to these special masterclasses.
But remember:
This offer expires the moment you close this page or the timer runs out
If I ever do release this without the bundle for some reason, you’ll FOR SURE have to pay WAY more when you want it later on.
So hurry before it’s too late.
There’s only one thing left to do, Click “YES!” right now.
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YES! I want 3-year access instead of life-time.

Music Industry Shortcut Logo 500 x 500


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