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WITH the MUSIC IndusTRIES #1 Guru


Whether you’re looking to take the first step into the music industry or advance your music career from where you are right this moment, Rob Level will help you get thru any hurdles and obstacles impeding your success.

Is getting rid of the pains and struggle of your current obstacles worth the cost? How much money is your time worth? If you do the math, you’ll realize this is the smartest and cheapest way to advance your music career.

Rob would love to meet you and completely remove any hurdles that are in the way of your success.


  • You feel like you’ve hit a plateau
  • You’re stuck doing it all yourself and you are lost and have no one to guide you to the next level
  • You feel like something is ‘off’ in your music or marketing but you can’t quite put your finger on it
  • You need help with getting better at lyric writing, finding your music style, flow and choosing the right songs to promote
  • You need a full marketing strategy and plan for getting your new single or project heard by millions of people.
  • You feel like your music isn’t getting the exposure you believe it deserves to have
  • You need help preparing a music tour
  • You want to learn how to make the most money from your current fan base so you can make a living from your music
  • You want a A to Z plan to be able to quit your current day job and go full time with your music


Music Marketing

Let Rob help you organize your budget and tell you exactly where and how to market your new single or project. 

Let Rob help you build a PR campaign and find angles that will help your song go viral like so many of his campaigns have before.

Lyrics + Songwriting

Take your music to the next level. Learn what you’re doing right and how to make better, catchier, career skyrocketing ready songs

It only takes 1 amazing song to launch a music career.

Or as Rob likes to say “A man only needs to strike oil once to be rich forever.”

Voice, Flow & Style

Don’t like your voice? Feel like your flow isn’t right? Can’t find your ‘SOUND’? Then let Rob help you find your sound. Get help finding the beats that work for your voice type.

This is one of the most important keys to music success. Having that undeniably unique to you sound.


Music creation, mixing, clothing, marketing, touring, photos, ads, music videos and more.

If you don’t know how to monetize your music career, you’re not going to last long in the industry. You need to learn how to take $1 and turn it into $10 and then repeat so your money never runs out. 

Like Rob Herjavec from Shark Tank says “Money is the life blood of any business. Once the money runs out, the company dies.”

You may be struggling to grow right now simply because of your lack of funding and cash flow. Rob can teach you how to get investors, how raise money correctly, how to fund yourself, how to boost your credit in 2 months to get a $25,000 loan for your music guaranteed AND more. Let him show you the path.


Want to grow your Instagram to 100,000+ followers? Want to increase your engagement so your current followers all see your content again? Want to cross over and convert fans from other social media to another platform to maximize your current fans and monetize them?

Rob has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, Major Record Label Artists, The Buckle, The Getty Family and more to help them grow their social media. If he was requested to help the top people and companies in the world, he can definitely help you.


Music Industry Expertise

If you feel like you already have all of your brand, music, sound and mindset together, all you need is a A to Z game plan of exactly what to do next. Rob can optimize and entire strategy for you that you simply follow the steps of. What is your goal?

Promote a single to 1 Million YouTube views or Spotify Streams? Get a label deal? Rob will help you organize your budget and tell you exactly where and how to market your new single or project. He will build an entire PR campaign and find angles that will help your song go viral.

Whatever your goals are, Rob can show you the road map and strategies to get there. Just point him in the direction and you'll have a map straight to the treasure chest of riches waiting for you.

Together with Rob you’ll deep dive into the biggest problems, bottlenecks, and invisible blocks holding you back from having your next big business breakthrough.

The goal of this consultation is to give you the clarity, guidance, tools, and wisdom needed to reach the next level of the music business.

Coming from 15+ years of music and music business experience, with over 50+ MILLION views across his social media platforms, and millions of dollars in the bank, Rob Level is a proven expert at exponentially growing and scaling music artists and music businesses while reducing the amount of mental effort and bandwidth required to do so.

This is one of the key reasons so many music business owners and artists feel alone, overworked, and overall unhappy in their lives.

And that’s why Rob will guide you through a step-by-step process to reclaim more of your time to focus on doing the more important things.

Whether that’s spending more time with your loved ones, building a ground-shaking empire and leaving your mark on the earth, or enjoying the fruits of all your hard work and efforts.

The goal is not to grind yourself to the bone for many years until you can ‘retire rich’ – contrary to popular belief – the goal is to enjoy the process, make a lot of money, and have a lot of fun!

Being in the music business doesn’t have to be painful and boring. When done correctly, it can be one of the most exciting and fun endeavors you can pursue.

After working with hundreds of music artists and business owners from all walks of life, all genres, and all levels of experience, Rob Level has become a true master at analyzing your unique business need and breaking through any plateaus.


Here are a few testimonials from artists like you who have taken my Masterclasses.

If they have all this good stuff to say about the videos...imagine what they would be saying about a live call that breaks down their specific goals into attainable results!

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If getting more information and knowledge is what it takes to be successful, wouldn’t you already be where you want to be?

We have access to more information than ever, yet why is it so difficult to break through plateaus and get ‘unstuck?’

Because information can only take you so far.

Every day, we absorb more knowledge and information. We read more books. We keep doing more things.

And at this point in time, most music artists feel more overwhelmed, lost, and confused than ever before.

So at what point do we start doing less? When is it a good time to remove things from our life that no longer serve us?

With his many years of experience and wisdom, Rob will pinpoint exactly what you should start doing, keep doing, and stop doing in your business to thrive.

Rob takes all the best practices he’s found from working with hundreds of music artists and label owners in all sorts of different genres and business models…

And compiles it into one customized, actionable blueprint for you. After your exclusive 1-1 consultation, you’ll walk away with your very own customized business breakthrough blueprint.

There’s no questions about “what should I do next?” or “how do I apply this into my business and music?”

You’ll get the exact step-by-step instructions to remove any and all blocks in your business, to get unstuck and have your next big, business breakthrough.