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Get Armed With The Skills And Knowledge

That you need to become a Music Producer

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Skills Needed to start

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  • Finding The Ultimate Beats For Your Voice

    A must have course where you learn to recognize styles of beats

  • Hit Beat Basics: Laying Down Any Instrument Like A Super Producer

    Gain confidence in beat making. All the info you need to start

  • Easy Ways To Make Hit Loops: Simple + Fast Dope Loops How To Get A Producer Credit On Any Song You’ve Ever Made And Get Paid For It

    Discover what will set your beats apart from others

  • How To Download Any Beat You Find Online For FREE!

    Step by step guide to download any beat online. For free.

  • How To Make A Beat With No Producer Skills! Start To Finish

    This brilliant course will walk you through techniques to make dozens of beats in no time at all

  • Producer Gold: The Hottest Samples Online + Where To Find Them

    Insiders course on where samples are sourced online

  • How To Always Find Time To Make Beats

    Step by step guide how to maximize productivity and manage time effectively

  • Producer Training Wheels: 50 Ready To Use Drum Patterns

This bundle has everything you need

It Does Not Matter If You Are A Musician, Or Want To Produce For A Living

You will acquire the skills required to masterfully make beats like a super producer 


I've worked in the biggest studios that are utilized and inhabited by Drake, Lil' Wayne, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, Rhianna, Tyga, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Lady Gaga, & More.

I've Written songs with Grammy Winners, Chris Brown And Tory Lanez Songwriters, Katy Perry's team, Jason Derulo's Team, Legends like James Brown's Writing Team, Rodney Jerkins' Team and more.

Trophies And Plaques
I work hard at everything, including building this for you.

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$ 1 In

Total Value


Skills Needed to start

+ 1 Ready To Use



As soon as you join, all of your Masterclasses start. You will be able to access your manager, masterclasses, FAQ and more all inside of your Music Industry Shortcut Dashboard.

These classes can all be taken from the safety of your home, school bathroom, friend’s house… etc. haha

Anytime you have free time, you can access these anywhere you have an internet connection.

The Music Industry Shortcut is set up to take you from beginner to superstar and take even someone who thinks they are mid level, break them down, teach them what they most likely missed and build them into a superstar.


Over 75% of The Music Industry Shortcut is business, marketing, time management, personal development, industry secrets, and of course ways to make money (and lots of it) from your music.

So even if you have been making music for YEARS and think you are incredible, that’s great, but you need everything else to make it nowadays my friend! That’s why The Music Industry Shortcut was made.

You do all of this at your own pace! 

To be honest… you can take 2 years to do this… or 3… but why would you want a shortcut and not make it a shortcut haha?

You can always just let the weeks keep going and take the courses anytime you want, even months from now.

The issue is, why even take it if you’re going to do that. I truly want to help you and I can’t do that unless you are going to help yourself.

Then again, if you just want to get it because you know that you will want to have it later, that is okay too.

But don’t waste all of these amazing knowledge! It will change your life.

If you get The Music Industry Shortcut today, your masterclasses unlock immediately after payment.

Every 4 weeks from your initial payment, your next set of masterclasses for that month release.

This gives you something to get excited about for every single month, over and over.

We really recommend you just pause your membership in case you change your mind. You can pause for 4 weeks in case you get too busy or can’t afford it for a few weeks. Don’t worry, you are not going to want to cancel after you get your hands on this.

It doesn’t matter what country you are in or what time zone you are in. You can take all of these Masterclasses anytime you want.

Live calls with my team happen in the PST time zone. I’m in Los Angeles, CA so if you’re getting on these amazing calls, remember that!

To start, all you’re going to need is your phone or computer and some hustle. Nothing else is going to be needed until we get to the Home Studio training. At that point, I explain to you all of the music gear you will need from every budget as low as $100 for a home studio, up to $5,000. So don’t worry, you’ll have the equipment to get started by then! You’ll be too excited by then to not already be ready to have your own home studio and start recording yourself.

There are over 100 Masterclasses you get access to in the shortcut.

Up to 7 unlock every month.

Discounts? Coupon Codes? I guess I would ask that too. Never hurts, right?

This entire system is a coupon code! It’s over 95% off! Show me 1 coupon on earth that offers that much of a discount. haha

For that reason, there can’t be any discounts or coupon codes. You only pay $47. I am already losing money on the first week you start taking The Music Industry Shortcut.

I have to pay managers, office expenses, server costs, email list costs, marketing dollars and more.

If you are smart enough to be reading. But for any parents reading this, we recommend 13+ unless your child is a super smart 11 or 12 year old. In which case they will probably be fine. 😋

Not only have we gotten dozens and dozens of artists like you signed to majors and big name indie labels but check this out.

One big reason I am so incredibly passionate about making The Music Industry Shortcut the best of the best, is to make artists amazing enough to sign.

It’s also why my team of managers are trained as A&Rs to scout for me and keep their eyes on the most talented hard working artists in this program. 

I’m using The Music Industry Shortcut to groom the next generation of music superstars.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I want to groom the most serious and dedicated artists and develop them to a point where I would be STUPID not to sign them. And even if I don’t sign them, after artists graduate from The Music Industry Shortcut, I have direct connections with major and indie labels to help you if you do want a label’s backing for your career.

This is more than just some videos online, this is how you make this a REAL CAREER. 📈


✅ STEP 1: When checking out on the next page, click choose PayPal.

✅ STEP 2: Click the purchase button, then look for the Pay Later button under the usual PayPal Checkout button.

✅ STEP 3: You will then be prompted to login to PayPal will then either approve or deny you with


👉 You only need a PayPal account w/ a card attached.


100% absolutely, yes! You can cancel anytime you want no questions asked and you can do it at the click of a button inside your VIP member dashboard.

Anytime you feel like being an absolutely insane person! 🤪 haha

Don’t worry, you’ll never think about cancelling after you have your hands on this. But you’re more than welcome to cancel anytime you want.

⏸️ We recommend you just pause your membership and come back to it when you have time or can afford it. No pressure!


Once a month (on the same day of the month you signed up) 47 bucks will process from you to me and in return I instantly unlock all of your new Master-Series that you can instantly access in your Shortcut Dashboard.


I created The Music Industry Shortcut so that every week’s knowledge and information can easily be digested in as little as 2 hours A WEEK. And you consume it by just turning on videos and watching it like a Netflix binge.

That’s it!!! Imagine you’re getting 2 hours of entertainment and knowledge to keep you entertained a week.

You should ESPECIALLY TAKE THIS if you already have music out. Because if you do, this means you are serious about being a music artist.

You are already putting your heart and soul into your art and allowing it to be out there in the world to be judged by others. If you take The Music Industry Shortcut, your only going to start making even better music.

Except now, you’ll actually know how to market your music and get your amazing music into the ears of MILLIONS of people.

You DO NOT! To start, all you’re going to need is your phone or computer and some hustle. Nothing else is going to be needed until we get to the Home Studio training. At that point, I explain to you all of the music gear you will need from every budget as low as $100 for a home studio, up to $5,000. So don’t worry, you’ll have the equipment to get started by then! You’ll be too excited by then to not already be ready to have your own home studio and start recording yourself.

This is perfectly broken down for independent music artists to be able to afford this, even if they are in high school!

Your new Master Classes unlock at midnight every 7 days from the day you sign up.

There are actually a bunch of ways we keep you going in The Music Industry Shortcut.

In the Diamond Level, I have 4 live calls a month to get you pumped and excited. Middle of each week we send you information and reasons to get excited about your next upcoming week. I actually call Shortcut Members from time to time personally.

On top of that, don’t forget, in Platinum Level and up, you have a personal manager right there to make sure you are doing what you need to every week! And if you get lost or confused, you can always ask them whatever you need to.

We recommend you ask your parents if it is okay to take these classes first. But after they say “It’s Okay.” you won’t need anything else from them. You can do it all on your own. Also, if they want to, they are more than welcome to be on the 2 big live monthly calls you’ll be able to get on.

If you complete the shortcut you will have life time access to ALL of the resources and Masterclasses inside of it.

Nope! Login ANYTIME YOU WANT TO and have your fun growing your career. 🙂

Some of the masterclasses in the higher levels start getting extremely valuable. A lot of them are worth over $1,000 each. If we let you start a month for $47 and let you get everything… I mean I’m crazy for making the Shortcut so cost efficient for you, but I’m not THAT CRAZY lol Plus you wouldn’t even know how to use most stuff in higher levels if you haven’t taken the prior masterclasses. It is all set up so you learn everything in the perfect order so when you move up levels you thoroughly understand everything as it gets more and more fun top level knowledge.

The entire purpose of The Shortcut is to give you every skill set and mind rewiring crumb of knowledge to feed your mind and life.

You will have everything you need to succeed and if you follow along taking action through the entire system, you will have a fanbase you are making enough money from to live on by the time this is all done. Then you grow from there.

I made sure that NOT a single skill set you will need is left out. I even mean in life too. You’ll have your business set up and in the last month I show you how to expand your empire and ways to make millions of dollars as a music artist the same way every major artist does after they blow up. 

This is going to change your life, the way you look at yourself, and the way other people look at you. It all starts with you giving yourself permission to say yes today and then putting in the work. It won’t be easy, but nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy.

The App Launches 2023. The features include everything that the current site features and more. 

One feature I am super excited for is that I can hold the live calls and person meetings through the app!

You need absolutely ZERO experience. Everything from A to Z is taught in The Music Industry Shortcut.

I’ve been in your shoes, I understand how it is. Sometimes life is just too tough, things are happening and we can’t focus on our dreams as much as we’d like too. I also understand that some people might have weeks where they can’t afford it that week, and that’s why we made pausing an option for you.

To make sure you don’t give up on yourself, procrastinate and slow your own progress down, when you pause your membership it will pause for UP TO 4 WEEKS MAX.


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