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With this Masterclass Bundle, I will show you how build and develop your marketing skills - skills that you can truly love and be proud of.


1. You will understand the in's and out's of marketing

2. Plus, the increased confidence you'll get from understanding marketing will help push you to make bigger career moves and better music.

It's really that simple.

How do i know all of this stuff?

I've worked in the biggest studios that are utilized and inhabited by Drake, Lil' Wayne, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, Rhianna, Tyga, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Lady Gaga, etc.

I have over 50,000,000 Total Streams on my music across all platforms.
Every single I release gets at least 1 million views in the first 2 months.

I've Written songs with Grammy Winners, Chris Brown And Tory Lanez Songwriters, Katy Perry's team, Jason Derulo's Team, Legends like James Brown's Writing Team, Rodney Jerkins' Team and more.

The Results You Should Expect from this

Grow and develop stronger marketing skills that demands attention from everyone.


✅ Where to look for unorthodox target audiences that no one has ever thought about

✅ How to get people to sign up for your email list

✅ Master the 7 keys of marketing that you may be missing


✅ Steps to make a high quality website with everything you need

✅ How to put your best foot forward online so people will take you more seriously and respect you more

✅ Save time, energy and money when you set up everything quickly yourself 


✅ How you will make instant fans 

✅ Use social proof to look the part of a music artist

✅ When, where and how to drop your singles for maximum impact

✅ Track your fans and target them again with new music

✅ How to come up in searches and get more/better opportunities

✅ Learn and develop this important asset before you can be seen as a serious artist/company 

✅ Rapid fanbase growth from various marketing strategies

✅Use Active Campaign successfully to create email marketing campaigns

✅ Using Facebook business manager to have your business on Facebook

✅ Complete understanding of how the music industry works 

✅ Develop an 18 step plan for guaranteed Spotify Playlist Success

✅ Comprehension of the sciences, psychology and social dynamics that make people become fans

✅ How to create fans out of nothing

✅ Why most rappers will never make it big, and how you will avoid never making it

✅ Know what hashtags to use when for maximum growth

✅ What social proof will do for you and how to obtain social proof

✅ What your Instagram bio will say 

✅ Master phycology of turning someone into a fan that labels use for their big artists
✅ Understand how the SoundCloud algorithm works, and how you can take advantage of the algorithm
✅ Driving your music to 50,000 people every month 
✅ Use major label secrets to go from mundane to insane marketing skills
✅ How to market your music the smart way and gain ultimate control over the marketing
✅ You will be building a fanbase in the next 7 days with confidence and resilience
✅ Develop your own strategy based off of a multi-billion dollar strategy
✅ Make new fans using your music artist funnel
✅ Discuss new opportunities that come your way and don’t get taken advantage of
✅ Build your charisma and personality to be more enticing for fans
✅ Grow all social media and understand the importance 
✅ Create a catalog for contacts so you never forget a name
✅ Look on point and save time when posting to Instagram
✅ When you should be posting for maximum engagement
✅ Understanding of the tool required to grow your email list
✅ Master strategies for every social media platform for email list growth
✅ Hyper accelerating your email list growth
✅ Get paid as you are gaining fans
✅ Build your brand on a story
✅  Understanding of different forms of media and their relevance to you
✅ EPK construction and what needs to be included
✅ How to get verified on any social media platform

✅ Ensure no one ever unfollows you

✅ Start promoting and earning money 10x faster on Instagram

✅ Never run out of content for posts again

Take charge of your career with the right strategy

Independent recording artists trying to make it today have a challenge: they have to do a lot to make it.

Think about it: you’re a songwriter. You’re a recording artist. You’re working on your tracks like a producer. But what about the other side: marketing, management, + PR? Before you have people taking care of this for you, you’re responsible to do these jobs for your music too.

Most artists only focus on making music, and expect millions of people to automatically love it.

But that’s just not how it works.

You’ll need to market your music for people to know + love it.

Look below to see everything you’re going to get your hands on today! 🙌

You Now... And After today

Everything you get today

The 7 foundations
Of Music Marketing™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 Discover The 7 Master Keys You Have Been Missing Of Music Marketing
  • 👪 Understand How To Get People On To Your Email List
  • 💸 How To Find Target Audiances In Places No One Has Thought To Look

50 effortless marketing tactics
For Your First 100,000 Streams™️

(VALUE $197)

  • 💰 Step by step fool proof guide to make your own high quality website with everything you need to have on it
  • 👪 Tricks to put your best foot forward online so that people will take you seriously and respect you more
  • 💸 Set Everything Up In an Hour - Not Days - And Save TONS of Confusion and Frustration

9 Black Market
Music Maneuvers™️

(VALUE $47)

  • 💰 How To Drop Your Singles For Maximum Impact
  • 👪 Secret Methouds Of Making Instant Fans
  • 💸 Using Social Proof To Ensure You Are Looking Like A Serious Artist

50 More Genius Marketing ideas
Easy to Use Strategies to grow your fanbase fast™️

(VALUE $197)

  • 💰 Nail down a very important asset you'll need to be taken seriously as an artist, company, or investment.
  • 👪 Give Yourself The Ability To Track Fans and Target Them Again With New Music later
  • 💸 Ways to attract more opportunities, how to come up in searches, get more eyes on you, etc

0 to 1,000 followers
in 30 days™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 The Psychology Of How Someone Becomes A Fan Of Your Music That Labels Use To Grow Fan Bases For Music Artists Faster Than Unknowing Independent Artists Can.
  • 👪 Examples And Break Downs Of How SoundCloud's Algorithm Works And How To Take Advantage Of It.
  • 💸 A Detailed Training On Getting Your Music Marketing To Drive Over 50,000+ People To Your SoundCloud Profile Every Single Month Along With Examples And Demonstrations.

The official
SoundCloud Fan Base Booster™️

(VALUE $197)

  • 💰 The Little-Known Insider Major Labels Secrets Behind Music Marketing (And How To Go From Mundane Marketing Skills, To Insane Marketing Skills ...)
  • 👪 How To Gain Absolute MASTERY & CONTROL Over Your Music Marketing By Understanding How To Market Music The Smart Way.
  • 😎 A Step-By-Step Guided Exercise You Can Follow From Start To Finish To Guarantee You'll Be Building A Fan Base In The Next 7 Days.

How To Get Verified
On Instagram™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰
  • 👪
  • 💸

How To Build A Fanbase
In 15 Minutes A Day™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 How You Can Take Advantage Of The Marketing Strategies Of Multi-Billion Dollar Companies
  • 👪 Learn How To Make New Fans Using The Music Artist Funnel
  • 💸 How Many Fans Do You Need To Make A Living?

How To Build A Network
And Become Successful 10 Times Faster™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 How To Develop Your Charisma And Personality To Build A Network Faster
  • 👪 Do You Have Any Social Media? The Importance Of Social Media Presence
  • 💸 How To Catalogue Contacts Of People You Meet So You Never Forget A Name

Dream Catcher
Easy Ways To Capture A Huge Fanbase™️

(VALUE $297)

  • 💰 Creating An Email List For Rapid Growth
  • 👪 The Power Of FaceBook And Facebook Business Manager
  • 💸 Your YouTube Audience and How To Capture Your Audience

Faster Fanbase Formula
Tools To Transform Your Momentum™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 How To Create Fans From Literally Nothing
  • 👪 How To Use Strategies Developed By Multi-Billion Dollar Companies
  • 💸 How To Find Time To Market Your Music

23 Affordable Instagram Strategies
Agencies Use That You Don't Know Yet™️

(VALUE $29)

  • 💰 9 Instagram Bio Tips To Gain Fans Faster
  • 👪 Explore The Power Of Social Proof And How To Get Social Proof
  • 💸 Also Includes 5 Instagram Hacks Never Found Anywhere Else

Make Hip-Hop Blogs Think You're A Professional Level Promoter
With this secret email tool™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 How To Install And Use The Secret Tool And Use It Like A Pro
  • 👪 Organize Your Emails Based On Lead Status
  • 💸 Build Relationships With The People Who Will Be Posting Your Music Online

How To Blast Your Music
To 200+ Blogs In One Click™️

(VALUE $147)

  • 💰
  • 👪
  • 💸

The Undeniable Six System
Psychologically force every follower to like and comment on any post you ever make™️

(VALUE $197)

  • 💰 Make People Love Your Every Post
  • 👪 Promote And Make Money 10x Faster On Instagram
  • 💸 You Will Never Run Out Of Content Or Posts Again

Micro Influencer Contact List™️

(VALUE $97)

  • 💰 How Micro Influencer Marketing Has Taken Over Instagram
  • 👪 Take A Look At All Types Of Posts Micro Influencers Would Make
  • 💸 Learn 10 Years Worth Of Psychology Tricks