Here's The #1 Proven Method Artists Everywhere Are Using To Take Even A Non-Existent Music Fanbase, And Turn It Into A Thriving Fan Base In Just A Matter Of A Few Months!

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If you're an artist and want to "shortcut" your way to having an amazing music career that is gaining more and more fans everyday with ease, this is the most important message you'll ever read OR hear.

Re: How To "Shortcut" Your Way To Gaining A Fan Base

From the Desk Of: 

Rob Level

Los Angeles, CA.

Dear Friend,

Let me get straight to the point.

As an artist, the size of your fan base is your number one asset for success to be able to turn music into a full-time career and actually make money doing it.

They call people with large fan bases ‘Influencers’ for a reason. They have ‘Influence’ over their 10’s to 100’s of thousands of fans, and that means they can influence them to do anything. That’s a ‘Serious Super Power that everyone on earth wishes they have.

But only people who understand how to grow a fan base get to experience that power. 

You can spend a fortune paying marketing companies to give you results that never end up being what you expected.

You can spend a fortune recording your music in the best studios in the world.

You can spend a fortune perfectly mixing and mastering all of your songs so you sound flawless.

But none of that matters if you don’t have any fans to listen to you. 

Because your understanding of how to market music…sucks. (I started there too!)

You’re smart enough to realize that your understanding of how to gain a new fan is...

"Your Golden Ticket"

Here's what I mean.

The only difference between YOU... and artists who are celebrated, on major playlists and loved by everyone is they figured out how to get their music heard by enough people to blow up.

The size of your fan base is what makes people take your music seriously so that you stand out from the vast, endless sea of upcoming artists.

Having a strong understanding of how to make somebody see you, hear you, and then stay around as a fan, is the fine line that will take people who see you from “Maybe I’ll Check Out More Of Their Music” to “From What I’m Hearing I’ll Definitely Go Add Some Of Their Songs To My Playlists, And Maybe Even Go Follow Them On Every Social Media Platform”...

This is the one thing that CAN'T be fixed with these ‘no results marketing companies’, it CAN’T be fixed with running influencer campaigns with your song, or even with networking 18 hours a day here in Los Angeles.

If your ability to market music and gain fans sucks.

It sucks.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

Unless of course you spend a fortune on hiring record label’s marketing departments who you have to pay monthly, or you can read over 150 marketing and advertising books I’ve had to read, or were born with the magical face, voice, and style that everybody loves and wants to follow instantly, right?


Let me ask you a question:

Do You Have A Few Hours To Get A Perfect Understanding How To Market Your Music To Actually Gain Fans Every Single Day?

Because that's all it really takes to master your understanding of how music marketing, gaining a fan, converting them and keeping them works.

Look at what is called the Fan Funnel

This is what every business in the world uses as a model to gain fans, convert them into paying customers and to keep them as fans who keep coming back again and again for years. 

I know the secrets to this funnel that the worlds top artists and big businesses use every day to build their fan bases into a well-oiled "Fan Base Building Machines".

And I've analyzed and broken down these routines into a simple to understand basics anyone can easily memorize.

...and unless you're a major artist or you know as much as big business CEO’s it's hard to get access to this same information.

Until Now… because I've decided to create an online course...

And share everything with you.

A lot of the stuff you're about to learn is the exact reason why I've been able to grow my music fanbase to give me almost 10 Spotify Plaques and almost 10 YouTube Plaques to date. Over 50 Million Streams across everything and how I have a fan base full of people who have my lyrics, autograph and even face TATTOOED onto their body!

Super fans!

The understanding of this element of business has taken my music to the next level and I know it's going to do the same for YOU.

So without any further ado...

Why Am I #1 At MUSIC Marketing

Get Access To Live Calls With Rob. Ask Him All Of The Questions You Have About Marketing

Live calls are a invaluable tool to artists like you. Get the answers to your questions without spending years of your life or countless dollars on marketing with agencies that go nowhere.

I've worked in the biggest studios that are utilized and inhabited by Drake, Lil' Wayne, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, Rihanna, Tyga, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby, Lady Gaga, etc.

I have over 50,000,000 Total Streams on my music across all platforms.
Every single I release gets at least 1 million views in the first 2 months.

I've Written songs with Grammy Winners, Chris Brown And Tory Lanez Songwriters, Katy Perry's team, Jason Derulo's Team, Legends like James Brown's Writing Team, Rodney Jerkins' Team and more.


  • The Little-Known Science Behind Why People ACTUALLY Become A Fan Of Someone. And It’s NOT Just Your Music… AT ALL! How many songs do you know and like but you don’t even know who performs the song? Exactly my point.

  • The Psychology Of The Human Mind And How To Design Your Strategy To Build Your fan base From The Ground Up

  • How To Gain Absolute MASTERY & CONTROL Over Your fan Base By Understanding How They Think And What They Want

  • A Detailed Training On Getting Your New Fans To Want To Follow You Along With Examples And Demonstrations

  • How To Become A Fan Magnet And Gain New Fans Everyday

  • The Fan Base Secrets To Making Sure People Want To Buy Your Music, Show Tickets And Everything Else You Ever Sell.

  • Secrets To Retaining A Fan So After You Gain Them, You Keep Their Love And Respect Forever!

✅ Get Famous In Your City With Hyper Targeted Ads Strategies Proven To Work
✅ How To Get 50,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners For $500
✅ How I Get 1 Million YouTube Views On Any Music Video For $1,000
✅ Learn How To Run a micro influencer marketing campaign and get seen by 100,000+ people for under $250
✅ Learn How To build street teams with your own fans so you have other people doing the marketing for you in every city around the world
✅ Learn How To Do guerrilla marketing
✅ Learn How To create strategies and campaigns for every song you have and how to create and add to songs to enhance the potential of your marketing campaigns
✅ Learn How To Run Spotify Ads that makes sure all your followers always see your new single even without having to go into release radar
✅ Learn How To pitch your music properly and build relationships to actually get on playlists that matter
✅ Learn How To force the Spotify algorithm to promote your music everytime you release a new song or project
✅ Learn how to run YouTube Ads and get people to Spotify for as little as .03
✅ Learn how to run Instagram Ads and get people to Spotify for as little as .05
✅ Learn how to run Facebook Ads
✅ Learn how to run Tik Tok Ads
✅ Learn How To Set Up Ads And Gain Fans While You Sleep
✅ Psychological Tricks To Make People Love You Instantly
✅ Learn marketing techniques that industry leaders, major labels, and big artists use to grow their fan bases
✅ Learn marketing techniques that only I know from experimenting with ideas for my own music. Insider stuff that no one else is using except people with this information.
✅ Learn the best Call To Actions that make people click to your music that took me tens of thousands of dollars in testing music ads to learn
✅ Learn How To track all of your marketing and how to read the data
✅ Learn How To capture new fans data and how to retarget them with every new release


✅ Learn how to do limited edition merchandise launches to make $1,000’s of dollars every 2 to 3 months to fund your career.
✅ Learn how to become a ghost writer for other big artists with all your extra verses you never used
✅ Learn how to find investors for your music to start a record label like Tech 9 did
✅ Learn how to turn fans into money making street team machines
✅ Learn Music Publishing, splits, royalties, etc
✅ Learn how to set up and establish your publishing company
✅ Learn the step by step set up to join any PRO (performance rights orginization) like ASCAP and BMI
✅ Learn how to make money from artists you sign
✅ Learn how to get more money out of every show you do
Learn how sponsorships work so you can make an extra $1,000 – $10,000 every single show you ever do
✅ Learn how to sell your songs to other big artists
✅ Learn the 25 ways you can leverage your music success later to make millions of dollars in different sectors. Business moves that are proven work by the biggest name celebrities and you can simply copy their moves.
✅ Learn how to make money with your own clothing line


✅ Establishing Your Brand, Choosing Your Archetype, And Finding Your Artist Identity
✅ Mood Boards And The Style Bible To Know What To Wear For Your Brand
✅ How To Get A Professional Level Logo Made
✅ Start Your Record Label Legally And Properly
✅ Sign Yourself And Anyone Other Talent
✅ Get All Your Music Equipment As A 100% Tax Free Write Off
✅ How To Spike Credit To Get $25,000 Loan For Your Music Career
✅ How To And When You Can Quit Your Day Job
✅ How To Get FREE Big Artist And Producer Collabs So That They Pay For Themselves
✅ Find your artist name that works perfectly for your brand that will actually help catapult you faster
✅ Learn Copyrighting
✅ Learn Trademarking
✅ Learn IP (Intellectual Property)
✅ Learn how to get music lawyers to give you any information you need for 100% Free

✅ Learn how to create habits that replace bad habits and start changing your life
✅ Learn how to habit stack to get 3x the things done everytime a trigger happens
✅ Learn how to believe in yourself even when you’re facing the hardest times in life
✅ Learn how to set achievable goals
✅ Learn how to hold yourself accountable
✅ Learn how to beat procrastination
✅ Learn the 100 things I wish I knew when I started in the music business
✅ Transform Into A New Artist & Feel REBORN
✅ Get A Game Plan Blueprint For Your Entire Future
✅ Learn How To Destroy Anxiety
✅ Beat Writer’s Block Every Time
✅ Remove Any Fear Of Recording On The Microphone
✅ Remove Any Fear Or Performing In Front Of People And Crowds
✅ Learn self control and will power techniques
✅ Learn to manage your time like a CEO so you can get more work done than 5 average people in a single day
✅ Learn how to memorize lyrics even if your memory sucks
✅ Learn everything about sleep
✅ Learn how to bio hack your body to maximize yourself and literally have super-human performance
✅ Learn what to eat and when to have better creative ability and studio sessions
✅ Learn supplements and foods to eat that give your entire day a high energy work flow for anything you are ever doing.
✅ Learn how to psychologically trick yourself into working
✅ Learn how to find your work flow and how to stay in it
✅ Learn how to use time windows
✅ Learn how to automate your life
✅ Learn how to set up your environment for excitement, creativity, and success
✅ Learn how to tell who you should keep in your life and who is holding you back
✅ Learn how to deal with stress and how to find mental clarity
✅ Learn how to stop worrying about what other people think


✅ Learn how I got my music in movies, shows, and on Major TV networks that keeps paying me out every quarter.
✅ Learn how to get your music in movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more.
✅ Learn the 8 fundamentals to writing songs for Sync. There are 8 key points to writing a song for sync, if you can hit all 8, your chances are placement are higher than any other artist who submits.
✅ Learn how artists like you are able to pitch your music to music supervisors
✅ Learn HOW TO write songs specifically for sync licensing

✅ Learn what to say when you step on stage that will make everyone love you instantly. This will relieve the stress of worrying about their thoughts while also priming the audience to like your music and let their hater barrier down. All of this reduces your anxiety and makes for a much better performance
✅ Learn how to memorize your entire show
✅ Learn how to get on tour with artists bigger than you to absorb their fan base
✅ Learn everything about how shows work
✅ Learn the types of splits, venue sizes and their rules, alcohol/non alcohol venues, 18+ venues, all ages and more
✅ Learn all of the ways to make money from a tour. It’s not just the show and merch, there’s a lot more secrets.
✅ Learn how to get talent buyers to book you at any venue (really, ANY venue)
✅ Get Local Shows And Set Up Tours
✅ Learn how to get sponsors to fund your entire career so you can make an extra $1,000 – $10,000 every single show you ever do
✅ Learn crowd control
✅ Learn how to make every crowd at any show remember you forever
✅ Learn how to overcome any anxiety you get performing in front of a crowd
✅ Learn how to set up your show so people follow you on social media every time
✅ Learn how to combine comedy with your music show to make people love you
✅ Learn how to get the audience to vibe and be a part of your show even if they have never heard your music before

✅ Learn How To build street teams with your own fans so they promote your shows and do marketing for you in their own city


✅ Learn how to get all of your music equipment 100% tax free
✅ Learn how to write off every single dollar you spend on marketing your music
✅ Learn how to use credit tricks to get a $25,000 bank loan (Guaranteed if you have no bad marks and even if you have just a few minor marks)
✅ Learn how to build credit and get credit cards so you can make money from the free extra points you get just buying regular things.
✅ Learn how to get 4x earning points by using specific credit cards to pay for running your Google and FB/IG Ads (Extra FREE money every month in just points depending on ad spend)
✅ Learn the best places to put your money in your music so you can make more back from it


✅ Learn how to create your own merch
✅ Learn how to sell merch in special price point bundles
✅ Learn how to increase the value of merch dramatically with just a few small upgrades to clothing that costs you $5 but makes it work $30 more
✅ Learn how to take ideas in your head, to a drawing, to a T shirt
✅ Learn how to set up your own clothing line
✅ Get access to the list of massive suppliers that all huge clothing companies use
✅ Learn how to do joint collaborations with your favorite clothing lines and do huge launches that also help sky rocket your project to chart

✅ Get Any Big Artist Collab For Damn Near Free
✅ How To Network And Get In Big Artists Circles
✅ Learn how to book studio time and get in the sessions of huge artists
✅ Learn which studios you need to be in
✅ Learn how to infiltrate any music artist’s circle to get in good and expand your network
✅ Learn how to establish relationships with local venues so you can open for any big artist that ever comes through and performs. This helps you grow in the music industry exponentially
✅ Learn the system I built to keep track of everybody you have ever met, who you want to meet, and how to perfectly keep in contact with everyone ever single month



'The Music Marketing Shortcut' is a series of online masterclasses and tools with step-by-step trainings and practical breakdowns on how to grow the perfect superfan base as soon as you complete it.

And it's newbie friendly.

In these online courses I literally take you by the hand and walk you through each step first-hand, explaining how people move through the music marketing process works at the higher levels that are used to blow big artists up.

There’s a reason artists like Lil’ Nas X, 24k Goldn, and thousands of others have thanked me. They all use the same exact fan acquisition strategies that I show you, and look at them now.

I choose the top artists in the world and you’ll start to see music business and marketing as something fun to do. What you might not realize is that everyone has the same steps to getting attention, gaining a listener, converting them into a fan and keeping them forever. 

It’s all right in front of you once you get it, all you have to do is press "play" and follow along. I have a video for the entire thing. No reading anything!

Even if you don't watch everything and all you do is spend a few minutes a day watching these videos, your fan base is going to start growing faster and faster as you understand how it works and you suddenly have that “Aha!” moment which will change everything for you. 

These online masterclasses aren’t a bunch of fluff and filler but rather a "hands on" fan base training with a ton of examples, demonstrations and practical break downs.

But that's not all.

This consists of a total of 13 master-series and tools worth over $2,500

Fanbase Growth Engine #1
the 7 foundations of music marketing

(VALUE $297)

Your Current Problem

All you truly want as an artist is for people to hear your music and accept you. To give you respect, make you feel accepted, recognize your talents, and finally make you feel like you’re not alone in your belief in your dreams. But no matter what you try, nothing ever seems to give you the streams, views, followers, and people listening to your music that you know it deserves.


  • ✅ When you complete this quick, straight to the point masterclass, you will have a mind opening, greater understanding of how music marketing and promotion works on a major record label level. You will finally have the skills, competence, and all the knowledge to start doing music marketing for your new music…the right way.
  • ✅ Setting up everything the way I show you in this masterclass will market your music in a way where people desire to listen to more of your music on a regular basis using marketing, advertising, and sales psychology to sell yourself and music to people before they ever even add your music to a playlist.
  • ✅ You will save money on every music marketing strategy that you ever do. That means you will have more money to invest into even faster growth to you having the status, power, and influence that you want as a music artist.
  • ✅ Because of how mind opening this will be, you will have a personal, as well as artist evolution like transformation that is unlike anything else you will ever experience in your music career. I know it sounds like a big promise, but if your music marketing isn’t working now, it’s only because you don’t know the foundations you will learn in this.
  • ✅ You are going to have new levels of self confidence and belief in yourself as an artist. Because you will understand and see how you’ll actually be growing a fan base on a daily basis.
  • ✅ You will feel ‘ahead of the curve’ and like a leader in the field of music marketing because this shows you step by step how to create and execute a true music marketing campaign.
  • ✅ This masterclass gives you the mental clarity and security that when you do any music marketing, that you are actually doing it at a professional level that will work to gain you fans. No more guessing or worrying if a marketing idea will work.
  • ✅ Learn how to use the major label tools that do the hard work for you

“The worst fate in the world for a man who yearns fame, glory, and, of course, power is to be ignored.”

The 48 Laws Of Power

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How TO GET 50 Million Instagram Views IN 90 DAYS

(VALUE $297)

  • 😀 How To Grow Your Instagram WITHOUT Making ANY ORIGINAL CONTENT In Less Than 2 Minutes A Day
  • 🙂 How To Get 1000's Of People To Hear You Every Day Without Spending A Single Penny
  • 🤯 How To Setup Up Unlimited Instagram Accounts (The More You Make, The Higher Your Viral Chances)
  • 🥞 How To Add Up To 50 Uses Of Your 'Original Sound' A Day To Make It Start Trending
  • 🚀 'The Best 3 Hashtags Combo' That Made Our Views 15x 🧪 (After 6 Months & 1,000s Of Combination Tests)
  • 👀 How To Push Every Reel You Ever Post Into Everyone's Explore Page
  • 🖐 How To Get Instagram's Algorithm To Choose The Content You Can Use (Free & Legally)
  • 🏃‍♂️💨 Tricks To Download 10+ Reels IN SECONDS That You Can Legally Use
  • 💲 How To Make $100's A Month. (I'd Say $1,000's But Not Everyone Has Work Ethic. Do You?)
  • 🧠 Don't Want To Post Everyday? Set It All Up In 1 Swift Move Where It Pre Schedules Months Of Posts (Doing The Work For You)

The 30 Best MUSIC Marketing Secrets EVER

(VALUE $297)

  • ✅ Get Famous In Your City With Hyper Targeted Ads Strategies Proven To Work
  • ✅ How To Get 10,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners For Under $100
  • ✅ How I Get 1 Million YouTube Views On Any Music Video For $1,000
  • ✅ Learn How To create strategies and campaigns for every song you have and how to create and add to songs to enhance the potential of your marketing campaigns
  • ✅ Learn How To Run Spotify Ads that makes sure all your followers always see your new single even without having to go into release radar
  • ✅ Learn How To force the Spotify algorithm to promote your music every time you release a new song or project
  • ✅ Learn How To Get People To Your Spotify for as little as .01
  • ✅ Learn How To Set Up Ads And Gain Fans While You Sleep
  • ✅ Learn How To create strategies and campaigns for every song you have and how to create and add to songs to enhance the potential of your marketing campaigns
  • ✅ Psychological Tricks To Make People Love You Instantly
  • ✅ Learn How To track all of your marketing and how to read the data
  • ✅ Learn How To capture new fans data and how to retarget them with every new release
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THE Music Brand identifier

(VALUE $297)

  • ✅ There is a reason the very FIRST thing a major record label does for a new artist is brand them. It’s because when an artist is branded, people become fans of the artist at a dizzying pace. New listeners relate to the artist faster, understand the artists music more, the image matches the artists sound and style and wraps them up into 1 perfectly cohesive product they can market.
  • ✅ Because of that, it costs less money to market them and gain fans. So not only will you gain influence with a fan base 10x faster, but because new listeners actually become fans faster, you will save 10, 20, even 30 times the money on your music marketing. You’re losing and wasting money if you do not brand yourself first.
  • 💪 Get Major Label Branding... Without Signing A Label Deal
  • 📊 Learn how to develop visuals for your brand that instantly connect with anyone you promote your music to.
  • 😎 Design your artist image to perfectly reflect and say who you are as an artist without saying a word.
  • 💸 Labels sign artists, brand, then promote the brand. In The Music Business they know w/ out the branding in place, they lose $90 of every $100 spent because of dissonance (failure to connect with targeted audiences.)


The Image And Style Bible:

(VALUE $297)

HAIR, JEWELRY, & AccessorY Guide

(VALUE $297)

  • ✅ This explains artist styling and image so you will have a higher level of status and fan acceptance even from complete strangers who come across your music and any of your social media.
  • ✅ You will learn how to dress yourself like a superstar while saving money and having more money for your new marketing strategies.
  • ✅ After this, people will see you and instantly KNOW that you are a music artist and not just some wanna-be, underdeveloped artist.
  • ✅ This gives you prime examples of major artists in each brand archetype category that you can use to match your brand. The hard work is done for you and is easily digestible, even for someone who has 0 style or branding experience.
  • ✅ You will have the mental freedom that you are perfectly put together as the star that you are because this breaks down hairstyles, chains, jewelry, bracelets, watches, earrings, shoes, grills, everything that is part of every brand.

Your Name Is your Empire

(VALUE $97)

  • ✅ You might not be sure if you artist name is the one that is right for you. There are a lot of names that you know might be right but you’re not sure if it is the name you want to build your empire on for the next 10 years of your music career.
  • 🥇 Learn HOW and WHY Eminem, Jay Z, Lil Wayne and other Legends changed their names for marketing
  • ✅ You will have a complete psychological break down of yourself and be able to choose a name that resonates with who you are as a person, an artist, and a future superstar.
  • ✅ Evolve, Transform, And Respawn as a completely new artist with all of your pains, mistakes, and old music completely in the rear view. You become a new artist with a new name, a new brand, a new image, and a new level of confidence and security as a music artist.
  • ✅ You might want to become an actor one day, or do something that your name will have an effect on. It will carry with you for the rest of your life. Will it help you grow your brand and make millions more, or hinder you from entering other arenas where you might find a passion in the future?
  • ✅ Learn how to choose an artist name that makes people fans faster.
  • ✅ Learn what names you SHOULD NEVER use and words that hurt your career with huge examples.
  • ✅ Erase any mistakes you made as a music artist up to today.
  • ✅ This also helps you choose the right record label name. Which brings us to your next growth engine.


(VALUE $297)

  • ✅ You’ll learn how to legally start a record label in 15 minutes. Upon establishment, you instantly become a CEO and business owner. You truly become the boss and you are set up for success.
  • ✅ You’ll be able to start writing off your music equipment, every dollar you spend on music marketing, and even this program is tax writable if you have your record label established. And it only takes a few minutes.
  • ✅ You’ll save and won’t be losing thousands of dollars a year even in the starter stages of your music career.
  • ✅ You’ll learn mind blowing tax secrets I learned from my accountant who used to work at the IRS taught me.
  • ✅ Even someone with absolutely no knowledge of taxes will instantly understand how all of this stuff works. Even if you don’t use this now, you’ll have it in your pocket for later!
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(VALUE $297)

  • ✅ This shows you CEO, Multi-Millionaire, and Billionaire secrets to time management that you can use anytime that you want to make sure you always have time for anything you want to do.
  • ✅ These secrets will help you start growing a fanbase way faster, getting more music completed, growing a network, and accomplishing things every day of your life so you are closer to your dreams every single day.
  • ✅ And of course, since you will have your record label at some point in the near future, you will feel even more like a CEO because you will have the skillset that allows them to have their millionaire level of success, time management.
  • 💰 Learn All About The 8% Rule And How You Will Use The Rule To Build Schedules
  • 👪 Scale Your Schedule Up Once You Need More Time in A Day
  • 💸 Get A Walkthrough Of Rob Levels Very Busy Schedule. With Templates For You Easily Fill Out Your Own Schedule
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(VALUE $147)

  • 🥇 I've catalogued countless looks for you to go though, while providing branding guidance and advice
  • 📊 This guide will reference your archetype to help you find the best looks that work for you organically
  • 😎 Check this visual based book out to find the perfect style accessories and ideas for outfits
  • 💸 Discover different styles, combinations, and ways to wear chains and accessories so you always look like the star you are

FANBASE GROWTH ENGINE #11 Beta Bonus course

(VALUE $147)

  • ✅ YOUR PROBLEM RIGHT NOW: You’re going through a lot right now as a struggling artist. Deep down you want your future fans and the world to know that this road WAS NOT EASY for you. You want to show how hard you worked, how much you sacrificed, how self made you truly were, and have the respect that you actually deserve. But…no one knows your story and hardships.
  • ✅ People will have things besides your music to gain a new level of respect for you. This will make even strangers fans faster as well as turn current fans into even more hardcore fans.
  • ✅ Organically and easily create the content for all of your social media so you don’t have to worry about what to create or what to post. You just living your daily life and doing what I show you to do in this is creating everything for now and for later that you can use to gain the respect of all of your future fans and millions of other people.
  • ✅ Make money later by selling this documentary footage to Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming platform. Depending on how big you are, this could be a multi million dollar documentary. Remember, every month they need new content and Netflix alone spends over 10 BILLION dollars a year buying new content. Think about the garbage they buy already! Isn’t your rags to riches story more valuable than a bad movie script with bad acting? And then guess what…next month you get 10 more that amplify the power of these 10! You will become unstoppable.

FANBASE GROWTH ENGINES #12 & #13 Beta Bonuses

(VALUE $147)

  • ✅ 17 Massive Music Industry Contacts Lists Including Record Label Contacts, Management Companies, Radio Stations, Music Marketing Firms, Music Lawyers, Music Blogs, And More!
  • ✅ 25+ Contract Templates For Any Music Industry Situation You Will Ever Come Across
  • ✅ I Want To Share These With You To Give You The Safety And Security To Grow Your Career With The Help Of Others.
  • ✅ With These, You Can Do Business With Others, Without Ever Feeling Like You'll Get Screwed Over.
  • ✅ You Might Not Need These Things Right Now, But YOU KNOW You Will Need These At Some Point


You're right ...that's a lot of proven and tested strategies and tools to help you make your gain a huge fan base without expensive “Self-Proclaimed” music marketing companies that charge you every month for help or years getting a business marketing degree from an expensive school.

And you can get it all for more than 90% OFF today.

Here's What To Do Next

If you'd like to grow your fan base with this understanding of how it all works that I specifically designed for artists like us, you'll have to get my 'Music Marketing Shortcut' today.

The course usually sells for $997 with normal discounts.

But until the end of today you can get it for just $97.

The way I see it this online course won't "cost" you anything though.

If you implement everything you learn and get just 50,000 streams on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram or Apple Music (Which You Will!!!), it's already paid for.

Your fan base is your most important asset which is why I believe this online series is one of the best investments you'll ever make as a music artist.

Many artists end up WASTING a small fortune trying to make their fan base bigger by buying expensive promotional packages they have to buy every single time they drop a single. They buy studio time or hiring a sound engineer to fix their weak sounding music hoping it will all lead to the fans coming in faster.

But once you learn how to make people stick to you 10 times easier, anytime you do any marketing, you’ll watch the people who see and hear you follow you like never before.

After going through my "Music Marketing Shortcut" you'll have everything you NEED to make your fan base grow...even if you are recording your music with a cheap mic in your home studio or don’t have much money for marketing.

It's a game changer.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and get instant access to my 'Music Marketing Shortcut" with a total of 11 music marketing masterclasses and tools worth over $2,500. 

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If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and get instant access to my 'Music Marketing Shortcut" with a total of 11 music marketing masterclasses and tools worth over $2,500. 


Now as you can imagine, I'll get a ton of interest from this letter, and that's why I need you to read this next part carefully.

Time Is Of The Essence

As much as I'd like to give away my 'Fan Base Formula' online course for 90% OFF forever, I simply can't do that. This is the beta-launch and the price will go up when it’s over.

It took me years of trial and error and cost me a ton of money to learn all this stuff, and it's worth a hell of a lot more than just $97. 

Even giving it away for the normal price of $997 feels a bit inappropriate given how much time and energy I invested to learn this stuff.

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As soon as the countdown timer on this page hits zero, the beta-launch will close.

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The beta-launch for this isn’t open long and you won't be able to get it on discount or get those 10+ Masterclasses + more bonuses when the timer hits 0. 

Now is the time to get my Music Marketing Shortcut, it won't be available like this after the deadline.

If you feel like this is right for you, get started below to get instant access to my 'Music Marketing Shortcut" with a total of 11 music marketing masterclasses and tools worth over $2,500. 


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