5 Email Templates & 20 Super Open Rate Email Titles To Send To Hip-Hop Blogs


Most people aren’t familiar with what is considered ‘Copy Writing’… no… NOT Copyrighting like with songs. But ‘Copy Writing’ which is writing things in a way to persuade people to like you and get them to trust you.

This is a HUGE industry and every major company uses ‘Copy Writers’. Even I sometimes consider hiring people to help me make better ‘copy’. Professional copy writers make 100’s of thousands of dollars a year. More than doctors… that’s how important this is.

Don’t get confused though, all I am really saying is that it is a HUGE deal to understand how to word things so that the blogs will actually like you and want to post you. If you know exactly what to say then you can massively spike your chances of getting them to open the e-mail AND to read your entire e-mail AND to click your link after they read the e-mail.

That’s why I have custom written 5 different variations of the perfect e-mail to send the blogs. All you have to do is copy and paste them and send them to the blogs.

If you were to send an e-mail to them without this, chances are you would be like 99% of the people in my Instagram DMs… I’d like to respond but what they DM’d me doesn’t intrigue me enough to make me care to respond or listen to their music.

You have to know WHAT to say to make someone CARE or they will just skip you and move onto the next person without even giving you a listen. That’s why this is CRUCIAL.