Breath Control Exercises: Training To Improve Your Rap Delivery


Talk to any vocal coach and they’ll tell you: it’s all about your breathing.
Rapping or singing pushes out air. If you don’t know how to replenish your air source correctly, you’re left with weak sounding verses and hooks.

Powerful delivery doesn’t have to be loud. Whatever your style, simple breath support techniques will create a much more compelling sound. You will also sound more developed and trained, aka someone worth listening to.

This bonus course will give you the breathing training you desperately need to lay down great tracks.

Plus, it protects you long term: using your voice with poor breathing habits can lead to vocal cord damage down the road due to unnecessary strain.

Get the training you need to up the quality of your vocals AND protect your instrument (your voice) in the future with this one bonus course!

This Important Course Will Show You:

  • Classic Breathing Exercises to Strengthen Your Voice
  • Step by Step Techniques to Improve Delivery
  • The Tools Pros Use to Lay Down Powerful Vocal Tracks
  • How to Increase Your Stamina, Breath Flow, + Voice Quality
  • Everything You Need to Record Without Weak Delivery