Every Music Industry Contract Template You’ll Need For Your Entire Career


As you find more success with your beats in the industry, life is going to become more complicated. This is natural because you’re becoming more valuable – and so is your work.

When you’re someone who has more value that means you have more to PROTECT.

Oftentimes in the industry, your money will be tied to deals – and the contracts you sign in connection with those deals.

You’ll need to be prepared and ready to make sure no one is ripping you off from earnings or using your work without paying for it.

Take our collection of over 150 contracts NOW to protect you from everything you’ll be facing in the future.

This comprehensive contract collection covers a variety of situations you’ll find yourself facing.

Be prepared for everything at the drop of a hat – all included in this bonus!

A Large Collection of Music Industry Contracts That Will Help You:

  • Protect Past Future Earnings
  • Limit Personal Liability for Specific Events
  • Stop Getting Screwed Over
  • Take a Proactive Role in Preserving Your Rights Permissions
  • Move Like a Professional Through the Industry


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