Finding The Ultimate Beats To Fit Your Voice


This is a great deal for a super informative course that can help you finally lock down the style you’ve been searching for. Aren’t you ready for your music to just sound “right?” The beat plays a HUGE role in that!

Many rappers try a ton of different styles, bouncing around and not really understanding WHY certain things sound good with their voices, while others don’t! They never pick a distinct style, and remain at an amateur level.

Part of finding the right beats for yourself is your artist development. You gotta find what works for you and then run with it!

But you need direction and information about why things work – plus examples and guided tutorials to help you recognize what you’re looking for, and get familiar with what’s out there.

This course gives you a safe space to learn and try out different beats plus guided lessons to push you closer to your ultimate style and sound.

A Detailed Course That Will Help You:

  • Learn to Recognize Different Types and Styles of Beats
  • Try Out and Match Different Styles to Your Voice
  • Create a Unique Vibe With Existing Popular Beat Types
  • Stop Wasting Money on Beats That Are Wrong For You
  • Lock Down A Dope Style You Can Replicate Again and Again
  • Find the Beat Your Voice Needs to Make A Hit!


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