Home Studio Guide: Capture The Perfect Vocals On A Budget


Most artists are held in a pattern: save up money, record at the studio (expensive!) wait, save up more money, go back again.

This is a huge waste for a few reasons. One, you need to be using that money for other things with your career! Two, making music needs to be easy, not hard. Three, you need to spend more time recording and getting comfortable than you’ll ever be able to afford hour by hour in a studio space.

The obvious solution is to make your own home studio.

This bonus will show you everything you need to get started, with products and equipment at EVERY budget. 

Rob worked for years to get this right and has tested every product before advising you on your home studio build out.

Get all the secrets, honest reviews, advice from a true pro – and start saving yourself TONS of money and time. Imagine how good you’ll get with the freedom to record at any time!

A Complete Collection to Help You:

  • Get What You Need For The Best Vocal Takes – At Home
  • Choose and Purchase the Highest Quality Equipment for Your Budget
  • Learn Which Items You NEED – and What to Skip to Save Money On
  • Collect Materials and Insider Tips for the Best Deals + Combos
  • Hack a Studio Recorded Sound From The Comfort of Your Home