How I Made $34,000 Selling Beats In Just 4 Days


Ever wondered how beat makers cash out quick and big through beat sales? It’s  not rocket science – it’s a carefully structured system made for one purpose: making money.

Go behind the scenes with industry legend Rob Level as he shows point by point how he made over $34,000 selling beats in a few days – and how you can EASILY do the same.

You don’t need a big education to make big money – look at the thousands of successful entrepreneurs who barely graduated high school.

Plus, these strategies work for any market, niche, or brand – meaning once you learn how to make money this way, you can use this new skill to jump-start ANY business.

This is extremely valuable knowledge most online “gurus” charge thousands for. We’re giving it to you for this insane price because we’re sick of this info being kept from regular people trying to change their lives.

A PRICELESS Course That Will Show You:

  • How To Use Sales Psychology Marketing Tactics to Earn Big
  • Building Your System For Max Results
  • Insider Step-By-Step Tutorials Worth Thousands of Dollars
  • Every Secret On Sales Earning Rob Has Learned From $5K/Month Experts
  • How To Earn An INSANE Amount Off Beats You Already Made


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Most people donu2019t know this, but there is ENORMOUS growth – AND EARNING – potential for beat makers combining forces.

Weu2019ll show you how to network and reach out to other beat makers, how to pitch collabs, and how to capitalize on these connections to get a fat stack of extra cash!

Remember – the sky is the limit on your potential for fame AND your ability to earn real money off of your talent.

Approaching your growth with creativity and forward thinking through these kinds of moves will have you blowing past your goals and gaining the influence youu2019ve been waiting for.

This Course Will Help YOU Get Connected, Gain Fans + Streams, Plus: