How To Look Famous To Everyone In 7 Steps


This is another bonus I added at the last minute before launching all of this because I wanted to make sure blogs and playlist curators would take you seriously when you started sending them your music.

This is a quick and easy 24-minute video where I explain every single detail of what to do to modify your profiles to look as if you are actually buzzing so your music is definitely worth a listen. Simply copying and doing what I show you in this program will massively increase the chances of someone posting you or adding you to a playlist.

Another huge benefit to you is that everyone else will start taking you more seriously too, not just the blogs and playlist curators.

You will LOOK and FEEL more famous instantly after you do this. The confidence you will have will give you new heights of passion to WANT to promote your music and profile to more people. People who will actually see you are worth listening too.