How To Mix & Master Rap Songs Yourself: A Radio Ready Sound From Home


Tired of having to wait on flaky mix engineers? Waiting for months before you get a track back?

I was, too. I was TIRED of overpaying people to waste my time and sit on my tracks for however long they wanted, only to get something back I hated! I knew I had to learn how to do all of this myself. So I did. I learned from some of the best in the industry. And now I’m teaching all of that to you.

Seriously. This is one of the most valuable courses ever released on Smart Rapper. I go brick by brick, step by step, level by level with you. You’ll have an insane amount of knowledge by the end, but not just any knowledge – specific levels and advice to give you the specific sound you want.

That’s the thing – all of this is about creating YOUR signature sound. Who is going to care and put that time in to experiment with plugins and trial and error testing till it’s perfect? ONLY YOU. If you’ve reached this step in your career, this is the course for you. There’s no way around it.

No one will teach you this the way I will – because I know EXACTLY what you need – and exactly what you DON’T. This will be a hyper focused guide to get your music finished as soon as possible with the highest quality.

This Extremely Valuable Course Will Show You:

  • How to Mix and Master Your Own Music From Home Good Enough to Be On The Radio
  • Exact Levels, Plugins, and Methods Learned From Experts To Give Your Music an Edge
  • Achieving Radio Ready Moods, Styles, and Sounds From Your Plugin Choices
  • How To Properly Mix Your Voice To Achieve A Professional Sound
  • Complete Process Start to Finish with Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Hours of Videos, Tips, Tricks, and Hard Earned Wisdom


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