The Official Voice Masterclass: Find Your Best Sound (Membership Course)


You can’t really record finished songs without finding your voice.

In fact, you won’t like the way anything sounds when you start recording songs until you find “your sound.”

Finding the right sound is a journey for every artist: it’s a combination of comfort, natural ability, and taste. You need to love your voice on your tracks, simple as that.

In this incredible course, Rob Level teaches you how to find your ultimate rap voice! This is a huge step in terms of your development and progression as an artist: locking down your sound. Think about it: as a rapper, your product IS your voice, in a way. You can’t make it as a rapper without a great sound to gain and keep fans.

People don’t realize that as a music artist that your voice is your instrument. Just like other instruments, you need to tune it correctly to make sure that it sounds as best as it can.

If you look at any famous rapper out, what is the thing that immediately grabs you before you even understand their lyrics? It’s their voice.

When you find your ultimate voice, you will sound better on every beat you ever get on. You’ll be closer to your goals. Plus, the increased confidence you’ll get from finding your sound will help push you to make bigger moves and better music.

A BRILLIANT Course That Will Show You:

  • How to Find Your Ultimate Rap Voice
  • Ways to Practice Vocals For Rap
  • To Find the Sound You Need For Better Music
  • Confidence Building Tips for Practice + Recording
  • Ways to Maximize Vocal Quality In Every Capacity