Playlist Bloodhound: How To Find Playlists


This course is majorly important in your Spotify roundup because you’ll need to commit to the playlist strategy in order to build your listeners and streams there.

That means continuing to expand your reach with new playlists.

You’re about to become a playlist bloodhound just like me!

I’ll show you how.

Plus, learn to find the exact right match for you and your music’s style so you don’t waste time pitching to playlists that would never add you.

I give you the blueprint to win. Look below to see more of what’s included in this bonus resource.

This Amazing Bonus Guide Will Help You:

  • Learn How Big Music Marketing Agencies Find New Playlists To Pitch To
  • You’ll NEVER Go Another Day Without Moving Your Career Forward And Gaining Fans
  • Have Possession Of Exact Formula To Find Places To Market Your Music Everyday
  • Have An ENDLESS Supply Of Spotify Playlists To Pitch To