The 18 Steps To Guarantee Blog & Playlist Success


The game has changed and it has changed in ways most artists don’t even realize. In this, I explain the insider secrets to how the new industry runs. I show you how to persuade and cajole hip hop bloggers and playlist owners/curators to listen to your music.

I show you how to build a relationship with them that will be worth hundreds of extra dollars a month to you in the next few months. Then every time you release a new song you get to collect that money from these blogs and playlists consistently posting your music.

In the first two videos in this, you’ll realize the playlist and blog game is not anywhere near what you thought it was. I show you 100% proof that will shift how you think about promoting yourself forever.

It’s all dark puppeteers pulling the strings of these puppets behind the scenes and I EXPOSE IT ALL TO YOU.

You don’t want to let this slip through your fingers.