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The Music Industry Shortcut Program

Music Industry Shortcut Program

1) If you’re a serious music artist who wants to take your music from being ‘Hobby’ level, to telling people who doubted you “I Do This Full Time Now B*tch!’… then this was custom made for you  

2) If you’re serious about your music and you want the PREMIUM, Upper-Echelon, CEO of a major record label level of industry knowledge for their career, this was custom made for you! 

This program took me over 7 years to perfect and launch. It consists of over 100 Master-Classes, over 80 music career tools, and 100’s of downloads and templates. When I say “I’ll teach you every thing there is to know!”, I really mean EVERYTHING!

โœ… Get Famous In Your City With Hyper Targeted Ads Strategies Proven To Work
โœ… How To Get 50,000 REAL Monthly Spotify Listeners For $500
โœ… How I Get 1 Million REAL YouTube Views On Any Music Video For $1,000
โœ… Learn how to run a micro influencer marketing campaign and get seen by 100,000+ people for under $250
โœ… Learn How To build street teams with your own fans so you have other people doing the marketing for you in every city around the world
โœ… Learn How To Do guerrilla marketing
โœ… Learn How To create strategies and campaigns for every song you have and how to create and add to songs to enhance the potential of your marketing campaigns
โœ… Learn How To Run Spotify Ads that makes sure all your followers always see your new single even without having to go into release radar
โœ… Learn How To pitch your music properly and build relationships to actually get on playlists that matter
โœ… Learn How To force the Spotify algorithm to promote your music everytime you release a new song or project
โœ… Learn how to run YouTube Ads and get people to Spotify for as little as .03
โœ… Learn how to run Instagram Ads and get people to Spotify for as little as .05
โœ… Learn how to run Facebook Ads
โœ… Learn how to run Tik Tok Ads
โœ… Learn How To Set Up Ads And Gain Fans While You Sleep
โœ… Psychological Tricks To Make People Love You Instantly
โœ… Learn marketing techniques that industry leaders, major labels, and big artists use to grow their fan bases
โœ… Learn marketing techniques that only I know from experimenting with ideas for my own music. Insider stuff that no one else is using except people with this information.
โœ… Learn the best Call To Actions that make people click to your music that took me tens of thousands of dollars in testing music ads to learn
โœ… Learn How To track all of your marketing and how to read the data
โœ… Learn How To capture new fans data and how to retarget them with every new release


โœ… Establishing Your Brand, Choosing Your Archetype, And Finding Your Artist Identity
โœ… Mood Boards And The Style Bible To Know What To Wear For Your Brand
โœ… How To Get A Professional Level Logo Made
โœ… Start Your Record Label Legally And Properly
โœ… Sign Yourself And Anyone Other Talent
โœ… Get All Your Music Equipment As A 100% Tax Free Write Off
โœ… How To Spike Credit To Get $25,000 Loan For Your Music Career
โœ… How To And When You Can Quit Your Day Job
โœ… How To Get FREE Big Artist And Producer Collabs So That They Pay For Themselves
โœ… Find your artist name that works perfectly for your brand that will actually help catapult you faster
โœ… Learn Copyrighting
โœ… Learn Trademarking
โœ… Learn IP (Intellectual Property)
โœ… Learn how to get music lawyers to give you any information you need for 100% Free

โœ… Learn how to do limited edition merchandise launches to make $1,000’s of dollars every 2 to 3 months to fund your career.
โœ… Learn how to become a ghost writer for other big artists with all your extra verses you never used
โœ… Learn how to find investors for your music to start a record label like Tech 9 did
โœ… Learn how to turn fans into money making street team machines
โœ… Learn Music Publishing, splits, royalties, etc
โœ… Learn how to set up and establish your publishing company
โœ… Learn the step by step set up to join any PRO (performance rights orginization) like ASCAP and BMI
โœ… Learn how to make money from artists you sign
โœ… Learn how to get more money out of every show you do
Learn how sponsorships work so you can make an extra $1,000 – $10,000 every single show you ever do
โœ… Learn how to sell your songs to other big artists
โœ… Learn the 25 ways you can leverage your music success later to make millions of dollars in different sectors. Business moves that are proven work by the biggest name celebrities and you can simply copy their moves.
โœ… Learn how to make money with your own clothing line


โœ… Learn how to create habits that replace bad habits and start changing your life
โœ… Learn how to habit stack to get 3x the things done everytime a trigger happens
โœ… Learn how to believe in yourself even when you’re facing the hardest times in life
โœ… Learn how to set achievable goals
โœ… Learn how to hold yourself accountable
โœ… Learn how to beat procrastination
โœ… Learn the 100 things I wish I knew when I started in the music business
โœ… Transform Into A New Artist & Feel REBORN
โœ… Get A Game Plan Blueprint For Your Entire Future
โœ… Learn How To Destroy Anxiety
โœ… Beat Writer’s Block Every Time
โœ… Remove Any Fear Of Recording On The Microphone
โœ… Remove Any Fear Or Performing In Front Of People And Crowds
โœ… Learn self control and will power techniques
โœ… Learn to manage your time like a CEO so you can get more work done than 5 average people in a single day
โœ… Learn how to memorize lyrics even if your memory sucks
โœ… Learn everything about sleep
โœ… Learn how to bio hack your body to maximize yourself and literally have super-human performance
โœ… Learn what to eat and when to have better creative ability and studio sessions
โœ… Learn supplements and foods to eat that give your entire day a high energy work flow for anything you are ever doing.
โœ… Learn how to psychologically trick yourself into working
โœ… Learn how to find your work flow and how to stay in it
โœ… Learn how to use time windows
โœ… Learn how to automate your life
โœ… Learn how to set up your environment for excitement, creativity, and success
โœ… Learn how to tell who you should keep in your life and who is holding you back
โœ… Learn how to deal with stress and how to find mental clarity
โœ… Learn how to stop worrying about what other people think


โœ… Learn How To Write 20+ Songs In A Single Day Using Methods In My Exclusive System That Took Me 15 Years To Perfect (I Do It In Front Of You!)
โœ… Finding Your Perfect Artist Voice
โœ… How To Sing, Stay In Key, And Hit Notes
โœ… How To Create Earworm Melodies Every Time
โœ… How To Destroy Writer’s Block Forever
โœ… Extreme Punchline Writing
โœ… Multi Syllable Wordplay Writing
โœ… Real Talk Writing
โœ… Storytelling Through Lyrics
โœ… How To Use Mind Maps To Write Deep Emotional Songs That Connect With Anyone Who Hears It
โœ… Identifying the right melodies to use in your song
โœ… Song Structure that makes a song have hit song replay value
โœ… Production Arrangement Secrets
โœ… Capturing Your Brand’s Sound
โœ… Singing Techniques
โœ… How To Sound Like You Can Sing Even If You Can’t Sing
โœ… How To Manipulate your vocal cords to find the perfect tone for any song
โœ… How To Identify Song Keys In Seconds
โœ… Power words to use in music to bring the listener in
โœ… How to create ear worms that stick with any listener for days after they listen
โœ… How To Rap Basics
โœ… How To Rap Advanced
โœ… Identifying the vocal tones that work for any song
โœ… How to create over any beat no matter the tempo, instruments, genre, etc
โœ… Learn how to Speed Rap as fast as Eminem on Rap God
โœ… Learn Rap Flow Secrets and how to find flow pockets on any beat


โœ… Learn how to set a room up so nobody outside of the room can hear your creating music. This method removes all anxiety from recording, I’ve been there. We are artists, we are self conscious about our art.
โœ… Learn every single thing about every piece of gear in a home studio
โœ… Learn how to build a studio on ANY BUDGET from $150 to $20,000
โœ… Get full lists of studio equipment to get with any budget
โœ… Find the studio gear vocal chain that works best for you and your music
โœ… Learn how to set up a room for mixing and mastering
โœ… Learn how to properly acoustically treat a room
โœ… Learn how sound proofing really works
โœ… Learn how sound itself works

โœ… With 0 producer skills, you’ll be able to make 5 beats even on the very first day you start training. (Seriously)
โœ… Learn to make your own beats so you never have to pay for beats again
โœ… Collect 100% of your money from your songs because you own everything about the song
โœ… Learn how to find the best samples to make hit songs
โœ… Learn how to manipulate sounds to create new loops and samples that are 100% unique to you
โœ… Learn how to remake any hit songs beat from scratch
โœ… Learn how to sell beats
โœ… Learn how to rank your beats on YouTube and Google

โœ… Learn how I got my music in movies, shows, and on Major TV networks that keeps paying me out every quarter.
โœ… Learn how to get your music in movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more.
โœ… Learn the 8 fundamentals to writing songs for Sync. There are 8 key points to writing a song for sync, if you can hit all 8, your chances are placement are higher than any other artist who submits.
โœ… Learn how artists like you are able to pitch your music to music supervisors
โœ… Learn HOW TO write songs specifically for sync licensing

โœ… Learn what to say when you step on stage that will make everyone love you instantly. This will relieve the stress of worrying about their thoughts while also priming the audience to like your music and let their hater barrier down. All of this reduces your anxiety and makes for a much better performance
โœ… Learn how to memorize your entire show
โœ… Learn how to get on tour with artists bigger than you to absorb their fan base
โœ… Learn everything about how shows work
โœ… Learn the types of splits, venue sizes and their rules, alcohol/non alcohol venues, 18+ venues, all ages and more
โœ… Learn all of the ways to make money from a tour. It’s not just the show and merch, there’s a lot more secrets.
โœ… Learn how to get talent buyers to book you at any venue (really, ANY venue)
โœ… Get Local Shows And Set Up Tours
โœ… Learn how to get sponsors to fund your entire career so you can make an extra $1,000 – $10,000 every single show you ever do
โœ… Learn crowd control
โœ… Learn how to make every crowd at any show remember you forever
โœ… Learn how to overcome any anxiety you get performing in front of a crowd
โœ… Learn how to set up your show so people follow you on social media every time
โœ… Learn how to combine comedy with your music show to make people love you
โœ… Learn how to get the audience to vibe and be a part of your show even if they have never heard your music before

โœ… Learn How To build street teams with your own fans so they promote your shows and do marketing for you in their own city


โœ… Get numerous templates that pre mix your music so you only have to touch up a song for it to be finished
โœ… Learn how to chain plugins to get the sound and tone Drake, Future, Lil Baby, J Cole, JID etc use for their vocals.
โœ… Learn how to get any plugin from any company for an employee level discount
โœ… Learn every single step to mastering a song
โœ… Learn about every type of plugin, how they work, what they do, how to chain and combine them for a specific effect or tone, and much much more
โœ… Learn how to master your own music using numerous different techniques used by the pros
โœ… Learn how to reverse engineer a hit song to capture the same tone and sound it has
โœ… Learn how to get a final mix that competes with every single major artist out there
โœ… Learn how the sound spectrum works
โœ… Learn how to set every instrument into it’s perfect place in the sound spectrum

โœ… Learn how to shoot music videos
โœ… Learn how to cast the most gorgeous models for super cheap
โœ… Learn light design, Emotion through focal lengths, angles, and more
โœ… Set Design
โœ… Learn how to get all of your music videos done for an entire year, in 1 day.
โœ… Learn how to shoot 10 music videos in a single 14 hour day for under $3,000 (I broke the world record doing this system I show you.) artwork
โœ… Learn how to make money shooting videos for other artists
โœ… Edit your own music videos
โœ… Do your own photo shoots
โœ… Professionally edit your own photos
Training on software to create any graphic you will ever need
โœ… Edit your own photos
โœ… Make your own single and album

โœ… Learn how to get all of your music equipment 100% tax free
โœ… Learn how to write off every single dollar you spend on marketing your music
โœ… Learn how to use credit tricks to get a $25,000 bank loan (Guaranteed if you have no bad marks and even if you have just a few minor marks)
โœ… Learn how to build credit and get credit cards so you can make money from the free extra points you get just buying regular things.
โœ… Learn how to get 4x earning points by using specific credit cards to pay for running your Google and FB/IG Ads (Extra FREE money every month in just points depending on ad spend)
โœ… Learn the best places to put your money in your music so you can make more back from it


โœ… Learn how to create your own merch
โœ… Learn how to sell merch in special price point bundles
โœ… Learn how to increase the value of merch dramatically with just a few small upgrades to clothing that costs you $5 but makes it work $30 more
โœ… Learn how to take ideas in your head, to a drawing, to a T shirt
โœ… Learn how to set up your own clothing line
โœ… Get access to the list of massive suppliers that all huge clothing companies use
โœ… Learn how to do joint collaborations with your favorite clothing lines and do huge launches that also help sky rocket your project to chart

โœ… Get Any Big Artist Collab For Damn Near Free
โœ… How To Network And Get In Big Artists Circles
โœ… Learn how to book studio time and get in the sessions of huge artists
โœ… Learn which studios you need to be in
โœ… Learn how to infiltrate any music artist’s circle to get in good and expand your network
โœ… Learn how to establish relationships with local venues so you can open for any big artist that ever comes through and performs. This helps you grow in the music industry exponentially
โœ… Learn the system I built to keep track of everybody you have ever met, who you want to meet, and how to perfectly keep in contact with everyone ever single month


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The Music Marketing Shortcut Program

Music Marketing Shortcut Program

To keep it simple, The ‘Music Marketing Shortcut’ Program is all 45 masterclasses, over 50 marketing tools, and 100’s of downloads from my original Music Industry Shortcut above.

The difference between these 2 programs, is the Marketing Shortcut Program 100% focuses on music marketing, fanbase growth, and any imperative knowledge you’ll need that runs vertically parallel in this sector of your professional music career when you become a major artist.

Based on feedback from 1,000’s of artists over the last few years in the original program, I recently spent 4 months designing this version for artists who feel like they learned ‘way more than enough’ after taking a few of  my other programs or bundles and want to start growing a fanbase today.

Play Video
Play Video


1) If you’re a serious artist who wants to learn how to take your music from being a hobby to getting paid from it as your life’s purpose, then this is for you!

2) If you want to learn how to turn music into a real thing that pays you enough to (WAY SOONER than later) be able to quit your day job, this is 100% for you.

3) If you want to access ALL the insider secrets that labels use to turn their artists into ‘Money Making Machines’, this is for you.

1) If you’re a music artist who is marketing your music but for some reason no one is seeming to convert into new followers, fans, or the streams AND views you know you deserve, this is for you.

2) Who wants to learn how to brand yourself like a major label would brand you on day 1, this is for you.

3) Understands that there’s a reason major labels brand their artists FIRST, and most artists think they are branded… but they are actually brand-less. It’s the #1 reason why artists aren’t seeing growth they think they should be seeing.

1) If you’re a serious artist who would rather do anything else EXCEPT waste time marketing music all day.

2) If you want to learn how to get up to 10 people to hear your music for every PENNY you spend, this is for you.

3) If you’re someone smart who understands that, with ads, once you set them up for $5 – $10 a day, they run on their own and gain you fans without anymore marketing effort… that’s the beauty of knowing how to set them up like I show you.

1) If you have simply liked the idea of learning how to make 5 beats a day to create to or even start making money from, this is for you.

2) If you’re an artist who wants to hyper-accelerate + shave years off of your artist development process, this is for you.

3) If you want to ignite your creative soul’s hidden uniqueness as an artist to accelerate your evolution into a sound & style that effortlessly blends itself into your rare characteristics as an artist, that then both merge into a marriage of a new, innovative music style and sound for yourself… THIS… IS… DEFINITELY… FOR… YOU! 

4) Are you TIRED of spending seemingly endless amounts of time trying to find beats that are good enough to inspire you to even create to?

5) Do you put so much heart and effort into your music already that you might as well get the producer credit to brag about too? Or even more importantly, to get paid twice as many royalties for the same music you’re already releasing?

6) Are you tired of seeing beats that you would actually use already have 250,000 views and know that 20,000 other artists have probably made songs with that beat?  Or going back to get a beat you’re finally going to use.. and the beat is already sold?

NEVER AGAIN!!! Once you possess this unparalleled bundle!

1) If you’re a serious artist who wants to learn the songwriting formulas and systems that would take you 15 years to learn on your own, this is for you.

2) If you’re an artist who100% KNOWS there is an faster way to make amazing songs, and you just found it.

3) Are you self aware? Do you understand that most artists lie to themselves (including you and me sometimes) and think their music is incredible… when it’s really not? Sometimes we only like it because it came from our soul and we created it. But then you drop songs and never get streams for some reason? You need catchier songs!

4) Are you a constantly getting better artist who wants to start making songs so damn good that the music markets itself (so you save money and time) so you can focus on making more music, this is for you.

1) If you’re a serious artist who has tremendous talent and love for music but can’t seem to find your music sound and style that highlights your uniqueness so you can stand out from the ocean of other artists, this is for you.

2) If you dislike your talking, singing, or rap voice, and want to learn how to find your inner voices with a few professional vocal coach adjustments to your vocal delivery and tone, this is for you!

3) If you want to learn secrets to developing the character that is you and create an unstoppable confidence that shines effortlessly every time you’re in front of a microphone, this is for you. 

4) If you want to learn secrets to mixing music and combining plugins that will give you a unique sound tone that delights any ear it hits, this is for you. 

1) If you’re a serious artist who wants to learn 20+ years of tips, tricks, tools, strategies, methods, and secrets to becoming an absolutely untouchable rapper, this is 100% for you.

2) If you’re a rapper who wants to learn how to flow with perfecting timing on beats, speed rap, do vivid storytelling, find the best flow patterns, pockets, and cadences, as well as destroy writer’s and recording block forever, this is custom tailored just for you!

3) If you want to learn how to write verses that are littered with multi-syllable rhymes, punchlines, word-play, and wit, and do it all effortlessly with simple mental gymnastic secrets I will teach you, this is for you. 

If you didn’t know, I have 3 dogs, and their names are Bars, Verse, and Tempo for a reason!

1) If you’re a serious artist who can feel it in your bones that having a polished, radio level sounding mix and master applied to your music is the thing that’ll take you to the next level in your career, this is for you!

2) If you want to learn the super human ability of taking ‘What You Hear It Sounding Like In Your Head‘ to your final end product song always being that beautiful amalgamation of sounds… this is DEFINITELY for you!

3) If you HATE having to TRUST AND PAY someone to mix your music every time you drop a song… this is for you!

4) If you want to learn Pro Tools, How To Record Yourself, The Best Most Cost Efficient Studio Gear, How To Set Up A Studio For Recording AND Mixing, Sound Treatment, Sound Proofing, Etc., this is for you!

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