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The Official Rap Voice Masterclass: Find Your Best Sound

You can’t really record finished songs without finding your voice.

In fact, you won’t like the way anything sounds when you start recording songs until you find “your sound.”

Finding the right sound is a journey for every artist: it’s a combination of comfort, natural ability, and taste. You need to love your voice on your tracks, simple as that.

In this incredible course, Rob Level teaches you how to find your ultimate rap voice! This is a huge step in terms of your development and progression as an artist: locking down your sound. Think about it: as a rapper, your product IS your voice, in a way. You can’t make it as a rapper without a great sound to gain and keep fans.

People don’t realize that as a music artist that your voice is your instrument. Just like other instruments, you need to tune it correctly to make sure that it sounds as best as it can.

If you look at any famous rapper out, what is the thing that immediately grabs you before you even understand their lyrics? It’s their voice.

When you find your ultimate voice, you will sound better on every beat you ever get on. You’ll be closer to your goals. Plus, the increased confidence you’ll get from finding your sound will help push you to make bigger moves and better music.

A BRILLIANT Course That Will Show You:

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Finding the Ultimate Beats To Fit Your Voice

This is a great deal for a super informative course that can help you finally lock down the style you’ve been searching for. Aren’t you ready for your music to just sound “right?” The beat plays a HUGE role in that!

Many rappers try a ton of different styles, bouncing around and not really understanding WHY certain things sound good with their voices, while others don’t! They never pick a distinct style, and remain at an amateur level.

Part of finding the right beats for yourself is your artist development. You gotta find what works for you and then run with it!

But you need direction and information about why things work – plus examples and guided tutorials to help you recognize what you’re looking for, and get familiar with what’s out there.

This course gives you a safe space to learn and try out different beats plus guided lessons to push you closer to your ultimate style and sound.

A Detailed Course That Will Help You:

+ Free Bonus #2

$67.00 Value

Rap Flow Router: Buttery Rap Flow Made Easy

Rap flow is one of the most important elements of a rapper’s work! If you can’t flow, it’s time to fix that and make sure you’re developing your sound in the right direction.

This bonus course will get you moving and flowing like a pro in no time!

It’s not even that hard. Seriously! This free bonus shows you how to finally pull off the bandaid. Stop being embarrassed by your flow! You don’t deserve it.

After this course, you’ll feel much more comfortable flowing – and the increase in your music’s quality will be undeniable.

An Insider’s Course That Will FINALLY Show You:

+ Free Bonus #3

$29.99 Value

Breath Control Exercises: Training to Improve Your Rap Delivery

Talk to any vocal coach and they’ll tell you: it’s all about your breathing.
Rapping or singing pushes out air. If you don’t know how to replenish your air source correctly, you’re left with weak sounding verses and hooks.

Powerful delivery doesn’t have to be loud. Whatever your style, simple breath support techniques will create a much more compelling sound. You will also sound more developed and trained, aka someone worth listening to.

This bonus course will give you the breathing training you desperately need to lay down great tracks.

Plus, it protects you long term: using your voice with poor breathing habits can lead to vocal cord damage down the road due to unnecessary strain.

Get the training you need to up the quality of your vocals AND protect your instrument (your voice) in the future with this one bonus course!

This Important Course Will Show You:

+ Free Bonus #4

$29.99 Value

The Secret To Delivering Raps So People Feel Every Word

A huge key to being a great rapper is your expression in your delivery. It’s not just your voice, or the lyrics. It’s how you say your lyrics. The way you deliver words is extremely impactful on how they end up making people feel.

If you seem like you don’t care or aren’t really experiencing the things you’re talking about, no one will believe you. And trust me – they probably won’t even finish your song.

Expressing the meaning in your songs through your voice is KEY to making better music, gaining fans, and getting more attention for your talent.

This sound is new and can’t be found online in this capacity except for here.

Get your music sounding RIGHT today. You could go viral tomorrow!

This Insightful Course Will Show You:

+ Free Bonus #5

$29.99 Value

How To Influence People With Your Voice

Did you know that your voice is extremely influential in terms of how people react to you?

Your social status and the level of respect you demand changes based on how you talk, your vocal quality, and other factors related to your voice.

For people who have always hated their voice, this course offers suggestions to adjust the way you speak and rap to help you get closer to what you’ve always dreamed of – with scientific proof and studies to back up our advice.

Stop sleeping on the power of your voice! Get to a whole new confidence level with this course – and watch as the effects change your life!

This Incredible Resource Will Show You:

+ Free Bonus #6

$29.99 Value

Raspy Voice Exercises: Techniques For Sounding Rough + Raspy

Feeling like your voice isn’t “hard” enough for your songs? Need a raspy edge to give your tracks + brand some extra heat?

We’ve got the goods! This course will provide you with the exact training you need to get yourself at the level you’ve been hoping for.

Feeling unhappy with your voice is something that can hold you back as an artist for YEARS.

Don’t let this happen to you. Consider your confidence level with your sound. If you need a change, grab this bonus and perfect the rap voice you’ll take with you for the rest of your career.

This Incredible Resource Will Show You:

+ Free Bonus #7

$100.00 Value

Magic Pro Tools Template For People Who Hate Their Voice To Sound Good Instantly

Production and the adjustments you make to your vocals after recording is a HUGE part of finding the right sound for your voice on the mic.

Most people don’t know which settings to use, meaning they use the wrong ones (and sound worse than they should) or none at all – ending up with a hollow, empty sounding final track.

These are amateur moves – and you’re beyond that.

Time to use the same tools that major artists use – and compete with them on a bigger level with your music.

This Pro Tools template is completely ready for you to drag and drop over your vocal tracks to transform your sound and give it that radio ready edge.

This bonus is extremely valuable. Grab it now with your other products for a true game changer.

This Incredible Template Will Give You:

+ Free Bonus #8

$30.00 Value

Personal Song Review By The Smart Rapper Team

Need advice on your music and can’t get anyone to listen? Or – worse – everyone around you says “it’s great” – never letting you actually get the honesty you need to get better?

Look no further!

Our Song Review program is one of our most popular and respected things we offer here at Smart Rapper.

We take the time to listen to your song and provide thoughtful feedback in many categories on our Song Review Sheet.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to get extra insights on your song and style – plus feedback on your voice and flow!

With this bonus, you can submit a song and you’ll receive our personalized review sheet back full of feedback, advice and ideas specific for your work!

This is a huge deal especially since each song review is typically $20. Jump on this quick before the deal goes away.

This FANTASTIC Opportunity Will Give You :

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