Yes, Rob! I Want This.

Here’s What I Am Doing:

I’m applying to speak with Rob Level and have him MASSIVELY help guide my career to the next level.

To prove I am a serious artist and not a time suck on Rob’s valuable time, I am depositing $5 that I will receive back after the call with Rob.

It’s just 5 bucks but it proves I take myself seriously as an artist and that I see the value in a call with Rob.

It also makes sure that I get on the call at the right time so I don’t waste Rob’s valuable time he could use helping another artist. So if I miss the call, Rob gets to keep my $5 for wasting his time.

What Happens After I Make My Temporary Deposit?

1. You will be brought to a page where you can choose any 15 time slot during the week that works for you.

2. Rob will remind you through a text message when your call is happening.

3. You will be sent a Zoom link for the call and you can hop on a voice or video call (your choice) with Rob.

That’s it!

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