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Prince Prodigal





Music Manager Survey

If You're Actively Making Music, Which Of The Following Problems Do You Come Across Regularly?


What Is Currently In The Way Of Your Music Career Moving Forward?

Money, Other

How Often Do You Work On Music Or Your Music Career?

Every Day

Describe Yourself As A Rapper With 3 Different Words:

Eclectic Energetic Esoteric

What Is The Main Thing That's Holding You Back From Your Goals?

I’m not savvy enough about the business end yet. I finally clawed my way up to a lowly 21k on Instagram and 1.4k on YouTube, although I just came back to push there the last few months and I seem to be getting a pretty decent response. I believe y’all can easily teach me what I need to know to about how and where to use advertising and all the ins and out of that particular end of the hustle. I could obviously expound for days, point is I am sick of wasting the little bit I can on rabbit holes that aren’t helping me actual find my audience. There’s no doubt I have what it takes, I just need that valuable guidance, I’m two years older than you, I don’t have the seven you already spent for us all. Thank you for believing in me.

 Prince Prodigal

Why Did You Choose The Music Industry Shortcut?

I have been watching you off and on for a minute, I had to go play with the kiddos, now I am ready for the real game, I been hustlin nonstop 2 yrs straight all by myself. Started my own lil’ label and errthing. I’m proud of what I have to give the world. Beside, Father won’t let me rest until I tell errbody what He gots me sayin!

What Do You Hope To Learn From The Music Industry Shortcut?

I pretty much already covered that, as I would guess most have if they bothered to fill this out. I need to understand how to use advertising appropriately to actually reach my audience. I could also use some real artist who are even half as serious as myself. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.