5 Of Rob Level’s Mix/Master Pro Tools Session Templates From His Biggest Rap Songs


This will save you HOURS of mixing time and give you a template with a sound you will already know when you open it.

IDK why other artists haven’t done this for people yet… maybe they don’t want to share their secrets… or maybe they just don’t care… but I DO!

Heads up here and to be totally upfront and transparent… YES, these are 100% my sessions and you will need the plugins that I use in order fully utilize these sessions.

But that’s not really a big deal because if you also got my mixing course, I show you how to replace all of these plugins with STOCK Pro Tools plugins.

I’m going to DELETE all of my files in this and all you have to do is IMPORT your songs vocals into this.

You put a verse on the verse spot, your adlibs here, your voice-overs here, your chorus vocals here