$50 Official Organic Music Marketing Coupon


Everyone is pushing Spotify Promotion – at mouth watering prices. But how do you know what’s real when it’s easy to buy fake streams? Are most promotion companies a scam?

Unfortunately, yes. They are scams preying on hopeful artists like yourself.

First off: if a company is only charging around $40 and promising HUGE results, it’s a scam.

Trust me, I know how this works from the back end – and unless you’re buying streams, you can’t get big results off such a tiny budget. It’s fake.

If you are trying to pay for Spotify promo, I only trust ONE GUY. Seriously.

He’s proven time and time again to be effective and I’ve seen the system from his side so I see what he’s doing and I know it’s real.

He’s the only person I’d ever even consider recommending for this kind of thing – and I worked out a deal to get you some cash off your first campaign with him.

With this bonus, you’ll get $50 off your Spotify Promo campaign. A little gift from me to you to start you off on the right foot and not get BURNED by Spotify Playlist scammers.

This Bonus Gift Will Give You:

  • A $50 OFF Coupon to the ONLY Spotify Promo Company I Trust.
  • This $50 Coupon has paid for this upgrade once you get it.
  • You can do all your own Spotify marketing yourself but when you release that BIG single here is a coupon to get someone to really HELP push it even more.
  • Transparency Note: This coupon only works on campaigns that are $500 or more. Most companies start at $500 if they are ‘REAL’ anyways.
  • Reminder: This is saving you $50 so the moment you use this, it basically made this whole Turbo Toolbox FREE