Entire Studio Session With Rob Level And His Super Engineer


Ever wanted to know how industry pro’s really mix – and what the “secret sauce” is that makes mainstream hits sound so clean?

For this insane bonus course, I take you behind the scenes with my personal engineer to show you the real, underground process.

My engineer is super respected in the business and has mixed for superstar rappers such as 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, Chief Keef, and many more.

Be a fly on the wall and finally see what’s going into the music you listen to – so that you can mirror those techniques and use the same ideas for yourself.

This One of A Kind Bonus Resource Will Give You:

  • All Of The Highlights Of Us Both Mixing An Entire Song Of Mine From Start To Finish
  • I Put On-Screen Tips/Explanations On Screen To Explain What We Are Doing So You Can Learn Our Thought Process
  • Watch Us Go From Flat Plain Unmixed Song To Radio Ready Banger
  • Get An Inside Look At How A Super Team Works Together On Mixing / Mastering A Song
  • See How Involved You Are Allowed To Be Even If You Hire An Engineer Later In Your Career