Get Paid From Home: Mix Dummy To Mix Money


You’re building an entire new skill set… why not also make money from it?

Knowing how to mix and master songs won’t just help you SAVE money. This skill will help you MAKE money – cash you never had access to before!

Plus – right now with the Covid-19 distancing rules in place, many people are looking to get things done from home. That’s where our guide comes in.

I’ll show you exactly how to get your mix and master side hustle off the ground with step by step guides and instructions to help you add another income stream to your pocket, grow your network and clout, and much more.

This one of a kind course CAN’T be found anywhere else. Start thinking like an entrepreneur in the music space while continuing to build your momentum.

This Unique Course Will Easily Teach You:

  • How if You Get 20 Regularly Paying Clients Who Send You 1 New Song A Week To Mix ($50 Each) You’re Making $4,000 A Month…
  • How to Make $25-$60 An Hour From Home – Pandemic Or Not, People Need Their Music Mixed.
  • While Mixing Other People’s Music And Getting Paid, You Are Also Building The Skill Set You Need For Your Own Career To Take Off. It’s A Win-Win
  • Get Inside Looks At Other Artists Recording Sessions As You Mix Them And Use Their Secrets As Your Own
  • I Show You How To Find Literally MILLIONS Of Upcoming Artists Who Will Need Your Mixing Skills