How To Influence People With Your Voice


Did you know that your voice is extremely influential in terms of how people react to you?

Your social status and the level of respect you demand changes based on how you talk, your vocal quality, and other factors related to your voice.

For people who have always hated their voice, this course offers suggestions to adjust the way you speak and rap to help you get closer to what you’ve always dreamed of – with scientific proof and studies to back up our advice.

Stop sleeping on the power of your voice! Get to a whole new confidence level with this course – and watch as the effects change your life!

This Incredible Resource Will Show You:

  • Scientific Responses Of Different Vocal Types
  • How to Use Your Vocal Timbre and Resonance Every Day
  • Extra Ways to Develop Your Voice
  • Effects and Influence You Can Attain Through Vocal Quality
  • How to Change Your Image With Small Vocal Differences


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