How To Learn Pro Tools In 30 Minutes


If you think about it, most of what holds you back is knowledge, practice, and confidence.

If you get intimidated to learn something, you probably never will – and you’ll never benefit the way you would if you had kept pushing.

That’s why I wanted to include this: a super quick and easy guide to learning and using Pro Tools. 

Like most softwares, there’s a ton in it that you’ll use – and a lot more that you probably don’t need to mess with.

I’ve been using this software for YEARS to make music and I know the in’s and out’s. 

I don’t want to overwhelm you, but I DO want you to be confident using Pro Tools so that you aren’t held back anymore.

You need the freedom to record yourself, add elements, mix, and print the track. Stop relying on others or making excuses!

It’s the perfect time to learn with this excellent bonus.

This Incredible Bonus Resource Will Show You:

  • The KEY ELEMENTS That You Need To Learn To Operate Pro Tools In 30 Minutes
  • The Specific Things You’lI Use Every Single Session
  • How Much Time You Save by ONLY Learning The Necessary Things
  • What Took Me Years To Get A Handle On In Less Time Than It Takes To Shit And Shower
  • BONUS: You’ll Know Pro Tools In 30 Minutes… How Is That NOT Amazing?


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