Personal Song Review By The Smart Rapper Team


Need advice on your music and can’t get anyone to listen? Or – worse – everyone around you says “it’s great” – never letting you actually get the honesty you need to get better?

Look no further!

Our Song Review program is one of our most popular and respected things we offer here at Smart Rapper.

We take the time to listen to your song and provide thoughtful feedback in many categories on our Song Review Sheet.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to get extra insights on your song and style – plus feedback on your voice and flow!

With this bonus, you can submit a song and you’ll receive our personalized review sheet back full of feedback, advice and ideas specific for your work!

This is a huge deal especially since each song review is typically $20. Jump on this quick before the deal goes away.

This FANTASTIC Opportunity Will Give You :

  • The Chance to Get Your Song Heard By The Smart Rapper Team
  • Feedback on Your Flow, Lyrics, Voice, Beat Choice, Mix and Master
  • A Star Rating System To See How You Compete
  • Additional Advice For Changes or Improvements
  • The Honest Reactions You’ve Needed To Hear to Take Next Steps


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