Rob Level’s Hand-Written Mixing Notes From How He Taught Himself To Mix


I’m the kind of person who likes to learn things so I can do them myself. A key to learning is taking notes, keeping records and writing down new knowledge so you remember things better and have outlines to look back over.

When I learned mixing, I took TONS of notes – my mixing notebook is PACKED with information and super useful, helpful tips and ideas for anyone else going on this journey too.

For the first time ever, I’m releasing my mixing notebook as a resource for you to learn new combinations, plugins, and super insightful info that will make your songs sound infinitely better.

This will give you a guide, tons more ideas, and another helping hand, pulling you into a whole new world of mixing for your music.

This Amazing Bonus Resource Will Give You:

  • MY OWN Personal Handwritten Notes From When I Was Learning Every Single Solitary Thing About Mixing
  • 27 Handwritten Pages Worth Of Notes, Tips, and Pro Info
  • Tons of Ideas and How To’s For the Sound and Mix You Want
  • All I Ask Is You Don’t Judge My Handwriting…