Rob Level’s Mix/Master Advanced Pro Tools Session Template (Plugins Needed)


This ULTRA powerful tool is about to blow your mind!

I’ve spent years perfecting, re-working, adding, and adjusting this pre-mix template. Now, it’s yours.

Just double click the session file and “BOOM!” 

It will instantly load a perfect pre-mixed session – ready to record flawlessly.

Bring your song into the template or record a whole new song into this template and your song is already PRE-MIXED. 

PLUS, follow along with my step by step videos to know how to adjust the dials on the plugins to get the sound you want. 

This is an extremely helpful leg up in getting the right sound from the beginning – and you won’t find it anywhere else.

No offense, but… this template pre-mix probably sounds better than your current finished mixes if you are reading this right now. Time to move on from crappy quality and get yourself the right sound.

This Extraordinary Bonus Tool Will Give You:

  • The SAME EXACT TEMPLATE I USE MYSELF EVERYDAY! I Made This For ME! Do You Think I Wouldn’t Make It As Amazing As Possible?
  • The Ability to NEVER Have A Bad Sounding Song Mix Again
  • Set Up For Vocals And Recordings To Already Sound Amazing From The Very Start
  • An Instant Confidence Booster That Will Keep You Inspired To Keep Recording And Creating
  • BONUS: You Can Import Any Of Your Other Songs You Recorded In Any Software And You’ll Have A Premixed Songs INSTANTLY. YOU’RE WELCOME!


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