Rob Level’s Mix/Master Pro Tools Session Template (No Plugins Needed)


I know everyone is working with a different budget, and I want everyone to be able to use the courses I create as much as possible. 

I never want to leave anyone out.

That’s why I took my own personal super Pre Mix Template From Above And I Completely Rebuilt It Using Stock Pro Tools Plugins – So ANYBODY Can Use It. (HEY TED, CAN YOU MAKE THESE ALL NOT CAPITALIZED)

That means that Even If You Don’t Have ANY Extra Plugins And You Just Installed Pro Tools This Morning… Your Song Will Be Premixed With This Template.

I’ve Got You Covered. If You Don’t Have The Plugins In My Own Personal Template From Above, You Can Just Use This Template Until You Do!

All You Need are The FREE Plugins That Come With Pro Tools.

Make People Jealous When You Get To Brag About How You Get Amazing Song Mixes With No Need For EXPENSIVE Plugins.

This Special Edition Bonus Item Gives You:

  • Drag and Drop Professional Pre-Mix Template
  • A Pre-Mix Guide Without Breaking the Bank for Expensive Plugins
  • A Leg Up Instantly With A Cleaner + Better Mix Quality
  • Boosts in Quality, Confidence + Clout as You Make Better Sounding Songs


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