Session Secrets: Reverse Engineering A Hit Song’s Mix


Ever listened to a song and thought, damn. Why doesn’t mine sound this good?

While I’ve already shown you the mixing process from scratch, I wanted to give you one more gift – reverse engineering a song. 

I’m going to start with the finished perfect song mix and work my way backward with you so you can see every step of the process – and why you need to do certain things with your choices in mixing.

Watch in real-time which effects are added with plugins and techniques for a super informative education on mixing songs the right way.

This is a unique take on the process and intended to show you EVERY part of an expert mix, step by step.

This Excellent Bonus Course Shows How:

  • Not Only Do I Work From The GROUND Up In The Mixing Course… You Get To Watch How It Works From The Top Down In This!
  • Watch Me Dissect Plugins Through The Process Backwards And Explain Why That Plugin Was Powerful, Why It Was Used And HEAR Exactly What It Did As It Is Turned Off In The Song’s Mix
  • This Will Accelerate The Speed At Which You Understand What Each Plugin Type Does
  • Learn The TOP LEVEL Music Industry POWER Plugins That You Can Get Yourself To Make Your Songs Shine The Same Way
  • Learn How To Layer Songs To Make Them More Powerful For Any Person Who Ever Listens To Your Music